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  1. kellyfoss

    Who's starting 1/1?

    Almost halfway there!! I am struggling big time with eating meal 1 right now, which is no surprise because it happens to me every single round. But it's still rather frustrating. For some background, I get up at 5 AM and leave by 6 AM for work, and in that single hour I need to accomplish several things so I usually don't make an elaborate breakfast. And I typically sit down to eat around 5:15-5:20. I've never had a problem eating that early in the past, but I was usually eating things like oatmeal, waffles, etc. Apparently my body loves sugar at any time of day. But when it comes to eating protein and fat-heavy meals (and veggie filled meals) that early in the morning, my stomach is like NOPE. That's a hard pass for me, thanks. This is annoying. I've considered packing meal 1 up and taking it to work with me to try to eat around 7-8 AM instead. I think I might do that the rest of this week, because the past few days I have definitely not eaten enough in the morning. I just can't choke it down when everything in my body is saying NO. Anyone else have a loss of appetite thing going on? Any suggestions on how to conquer it? Feeling great otherwise though! Sleep, heart rate and waistline are all 10/10 right now. I can sense Tiger Blood right around the corner...
  2. kellyfoss

    Who's starting 1/1?

    Wow, today is day 11! We've passed the 1/3 mark, that's awesome! Historically yesterday and today are supposed to be the "Hardest Days" but I'm not really feeling that yet. My hardest days tend to be in the third week when I get so sick of eggs and sweet potatoes I want to scream. Luckily I use Real Plans and they do a great job of mixing up recipes for a lot of variety. In this past week alone I made a whole roasted chicken with veggies, a steak stir fry with peppers and sweet potato, kahlua pulled pork with red cabbage and mustard sauce, and faux-bolognese over spaghetti squash made with compliant bacon and the leftover pulled pork mixed in. YUM. I also start to struggle with lack of appetite right around this time - not nausea or anything, just a total disinterest in eating. Especially in the morning for Meal 1. It is an effort to force down my food but I know if I don't I'll be starving in a couple of hours, so I usually just power through it. It typically gets better toward the end of the 30 days when the Tiger Blood kicks in. Hope everyone is having a good week!
  3. kellyfoss

    Who's starting 1/1?

    Day 7, woop woop! One whole week of Whole30 is just about in the bag. This past weekend was great. My fiancé's mother was super sweet and invited us over for a Whole30 dinner she made last night! I was dying, it was so wonderful - she went out of her way to make sure everything was 100% compliant, down to the ghee and the seasoning on the grilled salmon. There were roasted carrots with dill, a mango salsa, vinegar coleslaw... I was in heaven. So so good, and I think we all felt great about eating a healthy AND delicious meal together. Also found a Whole Foods near us (we just moved to the area last year) and left with compliant turkey bacon and Primal Kitchen mayo. So I was one happy camper. Plus the Tessamae's ketchup I ordered arrived and I spent a blissful lunch eating actual ketchup on my leftover turkey burger. Side effects-wise, I haven't really had any weird Whole30 related dreams but my other half did! He literally dreamed I was stuffing my face with cupcakes and blaming him for not stopping me. Bahaha. Clearly I may be imparting some mild anxieties to him about this without realizing it. He has been eating everything I make and really he's only on his own for lunches, so it's entirely possible that he's getting some of the benefits of this way of eating even though he's not doing it 100%. Weird dreams and all. Personally, I hope he benefits from this just as much as me because we both have physical and mental health goals we want to achieve this year. Sounds like we're all going strong, let's make week 2 awesome!
  4. kellyfoss

    Who's starting 1/1?

    Day 4 already, guys! So I know it's super early, but I'm already having crazy dreams. Coincidence?? Or just a result of sleeping more deeply for the past few nights? Probably a bit of both. I've also noticed that in only four days, my resting heart rate has dropped from 83 to 75! That's a big deal for me since I have some slight heart issues and I'm making a huge effort to improve my heart health right now. Anyone else noticing anything yet, other than being sleepy and/or cranky? Food-wise I brought leftovers for lunch today. Kale and brussels sprouts salad tossed in lemon mustard dressing I made, with carrots and shredded chicken thighs mixed in. Tonight I think dinner will be some kind of salmon bowl with avocado. Yum! Happy day 4 to all!
  5. kellyfoss

    Who's starting 1/1?

    Day 3 has dawned and I'm feeling slightly better than yesterday but that remains to be seen. Had a killer headache at the end of the day 2 workday and took an Aleve when I got home, which I literally never do but it was that bad. Managed to go to bed at a decent time which I think helped a lot. I wish I could stay home and sleep but work calls! I know I'm feeling the effects of overindulging in alcohol and sweets this holiday season so I'm not too worried about it, just going to keep on truckin' and be thankful this is only a 3-day work week. Hope everyone else is hanging in there too, and happy day 3!
  6. kellyfoss

    Who's starting 1/1?

    I have this same issue with wine - I found that drinking my favorite flavors of hot tea really helped with this! It's a different way to "unwind" and relax, especially in the colder months, and gave me the same sense of satisfaction. Try replacing the wine with something compliant that you like.
  7. kellyfoss

    Who's starting 1/1?

    Hey guys! Checking in a bit late but I'm also doing the January Whole30 this year. This will be my fourth full round of Whole30. The holidays were rouuuugh. We had no less than seven parties to go to and several entertaining events at our own home that involved alcohol and copious amounts of grains and sugar. Not gonna lie, it was glorious! Had a wonderful holiday season and thoroughly enjoyed myself, but the time has come to return to a more comfortable and healthy way of eating. I'm hoping to use this month as a springboard for a serious long term lifestyle change this year. I'm getting married in June of 2020, and I'd like to look and feel my best by then. I also just need more consistency with my health in general going forward into my 30's, especially since I hope to start a family soon. All that aside, my basic background info: 29-year-old female living in Ohio, cat mom to 3 furry children, live with my fiancé in the house we bought last year. I'm a Senior Graphic Designer for a living. Good luck to everyone and a very happy day 2 to you all!