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My EBF Whole30 results

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I had my first child in October.  I had an uncomplicated and healthy pregnancy and delivery.  My pre-pregnancy weight was 145lbs and I delivered (at >41 weeks!) at 180.  I was determined to exclusively breastfeed but at 2 months postpartum my weight loss had completely stalled at 170lbs and my diet was going off the rails,  I was eating gluten-free bagels with peanut butter every day and enormous amounts of gluten-free lactation bars with lots of sugar.  I was worried about Whole30 tanking my supply but I had no problems, I think my supply might have even increased a bit.  I still have a lot of work to do but I'm feeling a lot better.   This was my 4th Whole30 and probably the easiest because to echo It Starts With Food Whole30 isn't hard, or at least your definition of "hard" changes after giving birth and taking care of a newborn

I didn't weigh myself but I lost some inches

Bust: 41" to 39" 

Waist 34" to 32" 

Hips 41" to 40" 

my favorite recipe is Sunshine Sauce on ground beef and sweet potatoes 


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