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  1. I agree with this questioning. Why can I make potato chips and eat them but I can't buy potato chips and eat them? Right? Seems nuts. I have read that it's a behaviour thing as opposed to a food thing. If you open a bag of chips and eat the whole thing even though you're not hungry that is a behaviour that needs to be examined whereas taking the time to peel, prepare and fry chips is making food (a different behaviour) and probably not going to be one of those impulse things. I suspect pizza and other grain carbs are the same behaviour - I, for one, will eat a whole pizza by myself withou
  2. After several W30s I discovered I get severe joint pain when I eat oatmeal! Boring, plain, "heart healthy" oatmeal whether it's for breakfast or in a cookie. You say you're eating "mostly" W30 so it could be something quite unassuming that isn't W30. I found it took me several W30s to get my reintroductions clear.
  3. Hey @Rebecca001 I'm back for W30 #5. I may start officially on the 2nd as my friend is leaving tomorrow after a week long visit and it might mean a few cheers before she goes. But count me in for starting with you!
  4. @CassieK Well, techically is in the sugar family but, again, it isn't going to be a huge issue. They use it much more in candy to make it shiny and it would be a bigger problem there!! More important, always that you take the meds you need.
  5. Hmmm, I wouldn't think there would be a problem with glycerin on W30 as it is a non-digestible ingredient. It literally goes right through you. It's purpose in supplements is to hold onto the active ingredients and slow release them as they travel through your system so you get maximum benefit from them. Most absorption of nutrients takes place in the intestines so the nuttrients themselves have to get through the firebath of acid that is our stomachs first. Glycerin helps them do that. And @CassieK if what is doing is helping you retain your hair so that you have enough left over to pul
  6. Oh - I hope they do too. I get headaches the first couple of days but they are usually gone by the end of the first week.
  7. @lifefoundonarun Imagine my surprise when, 3 years into full menopause, I had my very FIRST major hot flash around Day10!! I get the too hot thing all the time - blankets on and off, ditto sweaters but I had never previously had an actual hot flash until Day 10 - what a shocker! I do think it's not a coincidence that, as I was moving away from sugar burning and into fat burning, this happened. Clearly the hormone shift was coming from somewhere deep within my body. Fortunately, I only had one. I gained such a renewed sense of love and empathy for all those women who suffer from these all