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Kinda a W30 Log.....


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Hello -

I'm on day 17 of my first W30. Overall doing really well. My husband joined me, he isn't a true believer but he is very supportive and intellectually gets it even if he doesn't want to be fanatic. So thanks to that, compliance has been relatively easy.

I'm one of the fortunate ones who doesn't have any extreme story as to why I needed a W30 and my desire to go Paleo. I completely believe that Paleo just makes good sense - there is too much logic for this not to be the right way to eat. However, I don't typically have adverse reactions to much, my stomach has always seemed cast iron. Seasonal allergies the last few years is probably my biggest issue. I do think my husband will benefit more. My gut tells me he has dairy issues for sure.......we will see.

I'm a reformed/retired competitive body builder. The years of severe strict dieting definitely left a mark and it has taken me almost 3 years to get back to a place where my body and mind weren't way way way out of balance.

I am hypothyroid but well managed on a relative low dose of armour.

I currently train 4 days a week - up till recently it has looked like power lifting/strength work with a decent amount of mobility and conditioning. I've done Crossfit and it was way too intense for where I was post bodybuilding. Currently we've dialed down the strength work to improve some imbalances that were rearing their ugly head.

I race two sail boats (37' keel boat and a Hobie 16) we are just gearing up to start racing.

I have a pretty stressful occupation but fortunately am able to manage my schedule which helps considerably in maintaining quality of life.

So the point of this ramble...........

I'm planning to use this log to think through logistic issues that I am expecting as I wrap up my W30.

I fly to Cali to race for a week on day 33 - I'm a bit concerned about not having time to test tolerances to food groups and being in an environment where I can only practically quasi control my food content. Overall i'm not expecting it to be a big issue just don't want to be trapped on a boat with intestinal issues.

The other issues is practical food while racing - it needs to be quick and fast and preferably sealed. Pre whole 30 I would do protein bars. My thought for this weekend is primal pacs and larabars.

So that is my back story and I appreciate any feedback or thoughts as I use this space for a sounding board.

Kindest - N

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Day 18

I've felt pretty darn good for most of the past 18 days but today I really feel awesome. I rallied my butt up this morning to hit a Bikram class (I haven't done any yoga in about 5 months). The first class back is always rough for me and today was a huge exception. I was actually accepting of what I saw in the mirrors and after class in savasana my mind was wandering to positive things rather than my normal stressed out to do list. It set a really wonderful tone for the rest of today. I started getting acupuncture work done about 2 months ago - so I can't fully account the change to W30 but I'm sure between the two they are compounding to set me up for an improved sense of well being. YAY

I've been finding adherence pretty easy. My husband and I but a few safety measures in place to help with successes; we are getting premadepaleo.com meals sent for dinners during the week (I order extra meals for him to have as lunch the next day). We've been trying new recipes from Well Fed (all of which have been AWESOME) on the weekends. Overall the thing we have missed is alcohol on the weekends. He is a tequila drinker and I'm wine or tequila. It will definitely be reintroduced ;-)

My only concern or nagging thought is that we have been using fruit as a snack after dinner. Definitely a replacement for a treat after dinner. I used to have huge sugar issues (history of eating disorders) in the best year or so I've stabilized and they haven't been an issue. However, I do think I need to break this pattern and do meat or hardboiled eggs in place of the fruit snack.

Ramblings done.........

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Day 19

So I have a small conundrum to make a decision about. I'm racing the Hobie 16 this weekend and the rules dictate a minimum weight that we as a team have to be over. I haven't weighed myself since a few weeks before the start of my W30. We don't typically have to weigh in except a big regatta - say a national or something. I've been warned the one this weekend is likely to. So do I weigh myself in the morning so I intellectually know where my weight is relative to where it normally is thus not creating self talk about how I weigh in for the regatta OR do I not weigh myself on my own scale and just ignore whatever number is produced at weigh ins?

Since I gained the pounds after my last bodybuilding comp, weight and loosing it has been a pretty big emotional issue. I can physically tell I've made positive body comp changes and not confirming that was very freeing. So that is my earth shattering dilema..... ;-)

I taught myself a good lesson today. I let my schedule get away from me only had a couple of hard boiled eggs and an apple (which didn't taste all that great to me so it was only like half) after the gym (which yes was my first meal except for coffee w/coconut milk). didn't get to anything more until about 1pm and I was definitely "off". Decent amount of anxiety (I'm in finance so the markets weren't helping) and a weird combo of feeling overall good but wrong.

I did start my period last night so that may have contributed to this mornings nonsense. On that note I had absolute zero pms symptoms. I don't get terrible pms but I do see it coming from a mile away. Not this time.

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My first 2 days of real sailing. My energy/endurance seemed decent. We had lots of wind meaning pretty physical conditions.

Anyone have tips on eating for recovery or healing? I'm just sore and a bit bruised nothing terrible. Extra fish oil? More protein?

Both days I feel like I under ate. I had a decent breakfast - eggs, US Wellness bacon, avocado and greens. I wasn't really hungry on the water both days. Saturday ate a larabar anyway around 2pm and today I didn't have it until I was off the water @ like 2:30. I didn't feel used up but I wonder if I would have felt better with more food. I know I'm worn out now ;-)

21 days in the bag!

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Day 24

I'm still just rolling along on auto pilot. Which I'm hoping is a good thing, Jim's wrap up post gave me pause on that basis. I did have a dream last night that I ate wafer cookies or something and messed up my W30. In my dream I had an anaphylactic reaction to them - ha! Actually woke up thinking it was real. When I first started competing in body building I would have dreams i had messed up my diet and ruined my prep. Whom maybe that issue needs to be explored!..........

I've been pretty hungry the last couple of days. I'm guessing it is activity based.

I'm still pretty dinged up from the weekend - bruises and the swelling isn't completely gone from my hands. Between my gym schedule and sailing i haven't really had enough down time.

I think I'm pretty clear for myself that I wont change much next week when my 30 days wrap up. I'll keep things as compliant as I can while traveling without stressing about restaurants or parties - I'll just make the best food choices I can. I do think wine will creep in - okay I know it will. It will stay in moderation just so I can keep my head on straight while we sail out there.

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Day 27

I can't believe I only have 3 official days left. I don't have any desire to change anything. I'm not sure if I'm scared to let myself off a leash or if I'm legitimately not interested in adding in non-w30 foods......? With a history of eating disorders I do get leery of what could be compulsive behavior from myself. I also do have some fear of letting my diet unravel again with garbage. I'm going to trust myself that I will continue to make choices that are in my best interest and add to my health versus deterring it.

I've upped the amount of salt and sweet potatoes I eat and that seems to have helped the light headedness.

I'm sailing both days this weekend with some gym and Bikram tossed in. A short busy week and then I fly to San Fran. FUN!

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Day 29

Weird day today. I've been anxious/stressed most of the day. More then work would justify. It could be hormonal or just one of those days. I have huge sympathy for anyone who battles an anxiety disorder!

I'm also feeling like I might be getting sick or just really worn out. Just that achy feeling creeping in. Hopefully an early night will sort me out.

Tomorrow is day 30 - that is just crazy .......

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With the conclusion of today concludes my 1st Whole 30. I'm so very glad I've done it and very thankful for how good I feel.

Yesterday and today I've felt like I'm getting sick. I really wish I was ending the 30 days feel euphoric but sick or worn down happens.

I'm apprehensive about weighing myself tomorrow. I know i've made big strides in my body composition and that is really what matters. Next week when I race they will weigh the crew and the boat. So my weight physically matters in that sense. But I do wish I could just skip that whole part and not run the risk of derailing my good vibes on my personal progress. The psyche is a fragile thing for sure.

I do look forward to sharing my successes!

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Thanks! Nice to know someone is reading my drivel ;-)

Day 31

I jumped on the scale this morning - really didn't want to but I did want to know........

Seems I'm down 7-8#s - I'm really pleased with that and I do know I've had big changes.

Overall I feel really good - last couple of days I've been off, but I'm blaming hormones. I didn't have one PMS symptom but ovulation is seeming very much like PMS - fascinating.

I've mentioned it before but I'll reiterate my continued plan. Keep Whole 30 as my dietary back bone and what my hubby and I eat at home. Let it drive my choices out but don't overly stress about sneaky ingredients. Wine or tequila as the special night treat and watch how my body responds. I historically have a great ability to slide down the slippery slope so I need to be conscious of my true goals and choices.

I'm looking forward to how this plays out and what I learn.

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So I'm back from my travels. I had a great 2 weeks of travel! Sausalito/San Fran is just a wonderful area!

The first week I was out there I was able to stay reasonably compliant. Certainly Paleo; I did however not stress about how meat @ dinner functions was cooked (spices and oils). I avoided grains, direct dairy and beans no problem. I even found a restaurant the first night that was serving jicama and I used that for guacamole versus chips. Fun! My housemates for the week were thrilled to let me guide the food choices and they just added toast to the morning meal or pasta to the kick ass Bolognese I whipped up. I even was able to source us fresh eggs from a local farm (including turkey eggs) - that was awesome.

Once I was done with the racing my husband and I went to San Fran and I loosened things up another notch - more dairy crept in, bread with dinner one night, desserts so WAY more sugar, delicious sea salt caramels - you get the drift. I noticed mild stomach aches with dairy. Swelling with the sugar and bread - etc

Now that I'm home I'm struggling a bit with getting off the sugar. I had brought home chocolates for a friend and managed to consume them all before I could give them away - oppps. I'm working myself back to a more whole 30 backbone. I believe I am best off eating this way and that should be my driving motivation health not just dropping weight or righteousness. I'm confident things will dial back thanks to not having junk in the house and a supportive husband. If I continue to have slip ups I'll run another w30 or w15.

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