Starting day 19 and enjoying the progress


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Long time reader but first time poster.  I'm thankful for this community and the helpful information it offers.

I'm doing Whole30 on recommendation from my eastern medicine doctor/acupuncturist.  Her assessment was that I have severe food allergies.  I've suffered with stomach problems for the past 6 years with little answers from many specialists.  Within the first 3 days, I was amazed at how I felt - no more bloating, stomach pain, sweating/skin redness after meals.  So at that point, I started to think she was on the right track.

Here I am on day 19, and the good progress continues.  I'm smaller from head to toe and I'm told this is because inflammation is diminishing.  I actually have a waist again.  :)  I have ample energy throughout the day, I do not need a power nap after work to get through the evening, I have no more mid-afternoon lulls, my skin is glowing, I'm not ravenous every 3.5 hours and I have to remind myself to eat 3 meals a day.  My clothes fit better, I feel in control and calm throughout the day, and I'm working out 4-5 days a week feeling strong and motivated.  Also, I didn't think it was possible, but I do not miss the sweets, treats, breads, beans, etc.  I finally get it when people say - nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.  But my version of that statement is - nothing tastes as good as being inflammation-free feels.  ;) 

I must confess, I had a doctors appointment and they weighed me today - I'm down 4.5 pounds.  That news confirmed the way I've been feeling but I will say losing weight is not my focus at this point.  I want to understand what foods lead to positive impacts on my body and what foods are triggers that leave me feeling awful.  I'm learning more with each day and I'm already starting to plan re-introduction.  

Cheers to more good times ahead :) 

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Well I made it the full 30 days with no cheating - I lost 10 pounds and I'm still enjoying all the other non-scale victories.  :) Due to my long-term stomach problems, I've been very cautious with reintroduction.  I continue to learn what throws my system off and what I can enjoy without consequences.  I'm thankful for this experience and it has completed changed how I look at food.  Cheers to the rest of you on this journey!  You can do it!

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