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Hashimoto's and Psoriasis Whole30 AIP

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I have been following the whole30 for 47 days now and have gradually been working towards the AIP diet. I gave up eggs four weeks ago, nightshades/seeds two weeks ago, nuts two days ago and will now be giving up coffee.

I have Hashimoto's and was experiencing extreme fatigue, body pain, swollen lymph nodes, and a rash on my hands an mouth. I noticed an improvement in my energy, pain, and mouth rash after a few weeks on the whole30. Unfortunately my hand rash has gotten worse and my dermatologist said it looks like psoriasis and fungal infection. The lymph nodes in my neck have not gone down, and I am not sure what these are related to. I still experience the fatigue and pain after physical strain, so the underlying problem is still present, but fortunately decreased. I have also been removing household and personal products with possible chemical triggers. 

I am hoping the AIP diet will help with the rash, exercise intolerance, and maybe even the lymph nodes.

I am wondering if anyone here has had skin problems get worse on the Whole30 while other symptoms improved and if there could be a dietary reason for this (Something lacking? Increase of something?)

I am also wondering if anyone has any experiences with chronic swollen lymph nodes and the Whole30 that they could share.

And if you started the AIP after the Whole30, was it helpful?

Thank you!


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