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Need to do this !

Tina Marie

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I have done a bunch of W30's.  The first was the best !  All the rest were just a reset. NOW this time is going to be a partial because I am going on vacation in May for a few days - and I am not going to ask my Hostess to do anything different than she would normally do.  She is not well, and I am there to be a help - and enjoy our time together - not stressing about food/alcohol .  When I return - then it will be a full blown 30.

I have not weighed myself- can't bring myself to do it,  I KNOW I am retaining a ton of water- none of my dress pants fit. I'm upset with my self that I have let - i'm guessing 20 lbs to creep back on.  It is entirely my fault.  I am the one who can say no when my friends bake casseroles with a ton of dairy products, or make yummy cakes (although I do prefer chips/dip) or want to go out for dinner - and eat all those chips that are brought out first.

So today was D1.  Not the perfect w30-  cuz I did snack - because of stress.  and I really am not prepared with veggies,  M1 was 2 fried eggs,  m2 was a salad w/ a chicken patty for the protein - not a good choice - but the only protein I have available.  M3 -  no clue,  probably another salad.  or maybe a hash - I have found some white sweet potatoes that are suppose to be pretty good

I am making this post a priority - I am an emotional eater - I need somewhere to go - to yack all those emotions - instead of eating or drinking them





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Thanks Grace !  I hope you have much success with your w30 !

D2  I did it -  weighed myself   195.2    it has been a steady increase for the last 2 yrs... I got to - about 178 with my first w30.  

M1  was raw carrot, celery, avocado and 1 boiled egg   snack was 1 boiled egg and a small handful of almonds.

M2  was another salad

Last night M3  was fried shredded  sweet potato with 1 egg and some roasted veggies.

I know that I am not eating enough veggies - but have to go shopping ! and get some meal plans going.  Then the food prep.  That is what helps to stay on track.  I have a retreat this weekend, typically the food is stuff I will be able to eat.   I have already warned my friends that I can not partake of the junk food !!  one friend will be bringing guac, so I will bring some veggies.

tonight will be dress shopping for senior ball, so I will get some walking in - tomorrow I go in late so I am planning on getting in another good walk.


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**disclaimer   I am doing an Unofficial whole 30 - so if you are doing a whole 30 - do not think I am doing it correct **

Day 3-7   lots went on - had retreat this past weekend so had lots to get ready.  I have done well with my eating - trying to stop the snacking - so that is one area I have to be a bit more prepared.  I snacked on veggies.  am out of almond butter - so that is on my Costco shopping list   I wanted to get a feel if I was going in the right direction, so I weighed myself Thurs and already lost 2 lbs.  another reason for weighing is this weekend was going to be a bit of a challenge and I wanted to see how it was going to affect me. I did stick with no dairy  and made the healthiest choices.  so roasted chicken, salad,  and taco salad.

Today is D8 -  breakfast was egg muffins made with compliant bacon and sausage - no veggies. overslept so ran out of time.  I did have some decaf coffee with coconut creamer (almost like making bullet proof coffee)  had a mini meal with roast and roasted veggies.  M2 will be the same.

Trying to keep myself on track - and honestly can't wait until I come back from Maryland to do an OFFICIAL w30.

This past month has been extremely stressful - and I eat or drink when I am stressed.   Drinking is not a thing anymore - but eating... hard to get over that.  Car broke down, my apartment flooded, day after flood got a rent increase letter.  Saturday while I was out of town, the bathroom mirror feel off the wall !! luckily my daughter was not in the bathroom at that time.  she was sleeping so it woke her up and scared the crap out of her.

So on with the day !




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D9 -  M1  was 2 egg sausage/bacon muffins with 1 sweet potato,   1 cup of coffee.  M2 - no clue    I thought maybe tuna but I have no compliant mayo  and I am not sure about just using oil.  I think it may be a salad, with eggs as the protein   M3 is going to be baked haddock and some potatoes and probably carrots.

Going to get some shopping done tonight - so will be eating early so we are not tempted when we go out



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d11-  man I don't even know what day it is ! 

Yesterday M1 was a beef hash with roast beef, onions, sw peppers and potatoes  m2 was tuna salad on almond flour crackers, m3 was burgers and sweet potatoes

today m1 was sweet potatoes and 2 fried eggs,  m2 was same thing   m3 - no clue -   I don't want sweet potatoes again !  that is for sure - going to get my nails done for my vacation.  So may have to eat on the fly.  which doesn't really scare me - there will be plenty of options for me.  or I wait till I get home and make some compliant brats and some sort of veggie.

Going through some of my stuff to see if I need anything to buy for my trip - like containers and what not - flying gets so complicated !  Like will the sunscreen I like - be in the right size - so I can bring it - or do I need to buy it when I get there.  Just having to have things in 3oz bottles - what a pain.  I am not checking a bag so that makes it a chore.

My daughter will be home - friends will check on her - but need to make sure she knows where the electrical box is - if any breakers trip - and where to shut off the water if something happens with that. Vet info - mechanic info - darn the list keeps growing !

off to finish work -

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