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W30 v2.1 - Day 10

Lorna from Canada

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I suffer from S.A.D. - like, really, really suffer. One of the resaons I go to Australia for 9 weeks every winter is to escape the darkness and the depression that envelopes me like a shroud. If I stay in Canada, by the end of February I can see absolutely no reason for living (or getting out of bed) and that persists until May. Unfortunately, when I return from Australia in April, I still get hit with S.A.D. and I'm dealing with that right now - so much grayness here - and cold rain - and bad news on the TV - and shit going down at work. It's a heavy weight on my chest 24/7. So, this W30 2.1 has been interesting.

This time around, I am particularly focussing on Good Food Standard #1: "The food we eat should produce a healthy psychological response." (If you haven't read ISWF, for heaven's sake go read it. I'm on my 4th read through and learn something new everytime.) This standard is particular compelling to us emotional eaters. Maybe because I'm on my 2nd W30 less than 2 months after completing my first W37 and there wasn't a lot of deviation from the W30 nutrition plan in between but this psychological response thing is getting easier and easier. Because I am a Level 78 Emotional Eater and, with the exception of occasionally finding myself in front of the pantry mindlessly searching my W30 compliant shelves for something I don't need to eat (and I don't), I find the mindless noshing and need for food has gone. Now, when things seem particularly challenging, I'm apt to say to myself "Where's my journal? I need to write this down and get this out..." just like my therapist has encouraged me to do for years. 

Coming in to W30 for the first time on January 3, I identified some personal Foods with No Brakes:

  • potato chips and french fries of all stripes
  • gummy bears
  • jujubes
  • sour candy
  • cookies and their raw dough
  • Hallowe'en mini chocolate bars

W30 took care of the candy/sugar - and the desire for it has completely disappeared. My massively demanding Sugar Dragon has been sleeping since January 9th! But the potatoes are something else. I am an accomplished cook and can make potato chips and fries that rival those from restaurants. And I have on W30 - a LOT of times. And I've eaten a lot of chip on this trip. And sometimes I eat way too many but, the craving for them is gone. Giving myself permission to savour them and to eat my fill has been hard but, it's worked, their appeal is over. 

I talked about reaching a truce with food at the end of my first W30 and that's exactly how this feels. My emotional challenges persist but emotional eating is going away. 

Now, bring on some summer sunshine!

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