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W30 v2.1 - Day 16

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I've had a not great weekend. My mother, a fiercely independent 89 year old whose overall health and physical condition is nothing short of inspiring, has had, what appears to be to this old nurse, a mild stroke. It probably happened at Easter but she just told me about her symptoms last week - mild aphasia, short term memory disruption, headache... enough to be worried but mostly because her anxiety is off the charts which is making everything worse. Anyway - I'll get her sorted - luckily she trusts this old nurse and generally I can get her to do what she needs to do. Fortunately she had the sense to see her physician although whether she gave him ALL the story I'm not certain. A phone call will take care of that.

W30-wise, I'm trucking along. Cooking all the things and feeling pretty good but MAN OH MAN, after worrying about my mom all weekend, what I wouldn't do for a glass of wine! On Friday night, we went walking around a marina at the campground where we were staying and Hubs tripped and fell and lost our Airstream keys in the lake. I'd like to say "hilarity ensued" but it was mostly a lot of bad words and yelling. We were able to break into our trailer without damaging it and he's ordered another set of keys already but, after that little trauma, I would have KILLED for a glass of wine. Like, really, really wanted one. 

Anyway - it appears I have some work to do around self medicating anxiety... who knew?


Cheers :blink:


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