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Not enough Energy...

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I'm on Day 10 and have struggled 1) with meal timing and 2) energy levels - which I am sure are related.

What I think is the case is that I am not eating the correct ratios of the right foods at the right times.

I am an active person - I teach and practice yoga, walk a lot with my dog, swim, etc... but eating has always been a really bad addiction for me, chocolate in particular. I am excited about Whole30 and its possibilities, but I am having trouble fitting it into my usual schedule of short breaks in between activities. 

I need to do better at eating a FULL BREAKFAST before my coffee...that is one thing I am sure I can work on.

But, the rest of the day I am out and about, so many smaller meals at a few hour intervals is a better eating schedule for me - there is no way for me to schedule in a FULL LUNCH anywhere in the middle of the day without it hindering my yoga practice or feeling sick in workout. 

I thought that breaking my one full lunch into 2-3 more manageable servings could work, or 1/2 meals of different things?? But I did that today and still feel like I am either not eating enough or not eating the right things to get me through to playing some racquetball with my husband. 

I am sure that this way of eating has been a source of my weight issues in general - treated it more like continuous snacking before. I am getting quite full on breakfast and dinner just fine, but I tend to BONK in the middle of the afternoon. Not craving anymore, just no energy.

Ideas? Thoughts? I don't feel like I am in danger of quitting, but I definitely LOVE the concept and in general do not miss too many things, would like to see a long term solution...


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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

It sounds like you have a very active lifestyle! It is very important that you start off your day with a full breakfast.  Have you ever tried an egg casserole before?  There are some great recipes for Whole30 approved casseroles on Pinterest.  My personal favorites are ones with sweet potatoes and bacon.

Also, I know it can be hard to find time to sit down and eat a full meal but making the time can help you get away from continuous snacking.  Try making lunches that are rather quick to eat but are packed full of protein, fat, and veggies! Maybe make a taco lettuce wrap using collard greens with avocado and salsa?  Another idea might be chili or soup!

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