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Day 29 Feeling Disappointed

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I'm on Day 29 of my first Whole30. I was so excited and eager to experience the benefits I've heard of from so many others,  but am feeling exceptionally disappointed and frustrated with my experience.

My joint pain has gotten progressively worse and all of the joints in my hands are completely swollen and stiff at the moment. 

My energy level is even lower than when I started (a major area I wanted to improve).

My mood is lower (also an area I wanted to improve).

It has been incredibly expensive and time-consuming.

I'm sure I've lost weight given that pants and shirts are looser and my face looks thinner,  but I'm in more pain,  and feeling low and with little energy, which has been consistent or worsening as I go.  

I've read through many posts and know a possible response may be to extend my Whole30, but I'm just not seeing the benefits of continuing (after I finish the program).  

Here is a day of meals that is pretty standard/representative of what I've eaten throughout (quantities,  protein source or veggies vary):

B: 1 cup of coffee with compliant almond milk; Egg bake with 2 eggs,  compliant pork sausage, about 2 c. total of onions, cremini mushrooms,  kale cooked in coconut oil.  Handful of blackberries. 

L: 1 c. cauliflower rice cooked with olive oil, 2 c. raw spinach, 2 c. chicken curry (made with coconut oil, about 1.5 palm sizes of chicken thigh) (recipe from Well Fed), small pear

D: Large baked chicken breast,  1.5 c. roasted broccoli in olive oil, 1 c. roasted butternut squash in olive oil. Glass of compliant kombucha. 


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  I'm sorry you are still in pain and not feeling the benefits you were hoping for. 

  The first thing that jumps out at me, other than cooking oil, it seems like you aren't having any fat with your meals. The oil you cook in isn't enough generally which is why we recommend a heaping handful of coconut flakes (unsweetened), small handful of olives, half an avocado, coconut milk as additional options.

  Fat can be key in helping with inflammation, especially fatty fish like wild salmon which is high in Omega-3.  Fish oil is another option. You might try cooking with turmeric, too.  Have you been hungry during your Whole30? 

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