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Round 3!!!!


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Starting my third round tomorrow (September 1st) and boy am I excited! I completed my first round last summer which was okay ~ although I admittedly lost too much weight bc I was working out an insane amount and just not eating enough. I completed my second round this past Feburary, which was MUCH easier, as I exercised like a normal person and wasn't hangry 247.

This go around - I am looking to lose a little summer weight I gained after a summer of lots of drinking and good eats. I'm settling back into my last year of grad school and am excited to get back to routine! I'm a 23 y/o female who loves to workout which is usually my problem when I do whole 30 (not eating enough!)

I am allergic to treenuts, which eliminates a lot of protein sources. Any ideas? Would love to connect with some of y'all! 

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