Preworkout meal - necessary?

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I’m prepping for my third Whole30 (first January Whole30 with the whole gang!) and trying to figure out my preworkout meal. Previously I was working out on my lunch break so I’d eat a hard boiled egg and some almond butter or sweet potato about 2.5 hours before my workout. My schedule has changed since my last Whole30 so I now workout at 6:30am before work. Most days I drink a protein smoothie which is a blend of plant based protein powder, 1/2 a banana, almond milk, and almond butter. I try to drink this 30 minutes before my workout and most days I feel great but if I add anything more solid or heavier like an egg I feel gross and nauseous. This makes having a Whole30 compliant preworkout difficult and there’s no way for me to eat earlier as I role out of bed and head to the gym in less than an hour. 

What I’m trying to decide is if I even need a preworkout meal. I don’t have an issue getting enough calories in my normal meals and would be eating breakfast as my post workout meal immediately after leaving the gym. Four days a week I do weights and other resistance training, twice a week I do HIIT and LISS which usually consists of a two mile jog followed by ten minutes of sprint-walk-sprints. Is there a benefit to a preworkout meal besides providing energy for the workout? I have plenty of protein in my post workout breakfast to help with muscle recovery. 


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