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I was actually going to start today but as I was writing out my meal plan & recipes last night, I realized I don’t have a lot of the basic ingredients. I’m so overwhelmed with everything I need. I just basically spices & stuff to make Mayo, Ketchup, Sauce..etc. I got The Whole 30 Day by Day guide last night. I’m super excited to start & super nervous to start. But I’m ready to feel better. 

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It can feel overwhelming but I have found that dedicating a bit of time to prep suddenly makes everything easier. If you cook some meat, roast some veg and make a couple of sauces on the weekend you are suddenly ready to throw lots of different meals together. It just takes a bit of forethought, which is not always easy! Hope it kicks off okay for you today.

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Do you know that Primal Kitchen makes whole30 approved mayo? It comes in a couple of flavors and they are delicious! There are also salad dressings and they will last longer than homemade. In my experience, it is a little bit more money up front to get condiments like these but just a few of them make a huge difference and will last you most if not all through your whole30! Keep it simple, have veggies and protein prepped and ready for you to combine into bowls or salads and don't worry too much about having to make everything from scratch! The Great Value bowls at Walmart are also a huge lifesaver! Always read your labels, and start small. I usually only pick 3-4 recipes to try a week and eat leftovers the other meals. You got this!

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