Kidney Pain - Day 7, HELP!! (Previous History of Kidney Stones)

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Hey There, 

I started Whole30 as an elimination diet, not to lose weight. I have IBS and know that Dairy and Gluten are difficult for me, but would like to know that concretely. I have had kidney stones twice in the last twelve months, and IT IS HORRIFIC and expensive to take trips to the ER. I started noticing early signs of kidney stones (flank pain, urge to pee, etc.) yesterday evening, and have gone into full on preventative mode drinking lemon juice/apple cider vinegar with water and using my heating pad. 

I know that I am eating too large of quantities of almonds, almond butter, spinach, sweet potatoes and meat in general, but I am having trouble figuring out other options. I am underweight in general, so eating sufficiently during my Whole30 is necessary as I've already noticed some weight loss. 

Does anything have any ideas for snacking foods that are low oxolate?  (I have to snack, I am underweight and very active, and need the extra calories between meals)

Additionally, does anybody has in tricks or tips for avoiding kidney stones during the Whole30 apart from hydrating?




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I have kidney issues too (not stones but infections). I don’t recommend so much nuts. In the book it stated to limit nuts to a small amount and not make it a big part of your meal. Up the intake of cruciferous veggies and veggies that naturally have a lot of water. Cranberries are really good for the kidneys. But green veggies really help me a lot too. The cleaner my diet, the less kidney issues I have

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They don’t recommend snacking but my husband’s job is very active too and it is very easy  for him to lose weight. Some food to add to your meal would be potatoes. You can eat potatoes. That is recommended if you have an active lifestyle. 

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