Ideas for Leek Soup?

Meg Hamilton

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I just got a wild hair to make yet ANOTHER pot of soup! :P I swear I make soup every week! I remember a friend made a delicious potato-leek soup and may want to replicate something similar. Any ideas?

My first thought is to use parsnips instead of potatoes. Next idea, just make a green soup (celery, onion, leek, spinach?) and then add some puréed cauliflower for the creamy feel.

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You might try rutabega in that potato-leek soup.... actually that sounds good, I'm gonna have to go get some rutabegas. :)

I was looking through old culinary class books and saw a Porrusalda-Leek Soup that I remember being pretty good:

2 lbs leeks, 1/2 cup pork sausage, 3 cups potatos 1/2 inch dice (so rutabega, parsnip, whatever you want to sub), 1/4 tsp thyme sprigs, 2 tsp pepper, 1 tbsp flour (almond or coconut), 1 minced garlic clove, 2 cups chicken stock, 2 bay leaves.

saute leeks and sausage together until lightly browned. Add root veg. of choice, seasonings and flour. Toss together until flour is incorporated. Add stock and stir until everything is well combined. Bringt to simmer, add bay leaves and simmer 1 hour. Remove bay leaves and serve.

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