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Maintaining Whole30 still struggling with belly fat

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Hello! So my husband and I started the Whole30 at the end of January and went for 40 days. We have stayed mostly eating this way since then (5 months!) Once in awhile, maybe every 2 months I will have a rice krispy treat or something like that (never gluten, gluten is  the archenemy of my gut), but that's been fewer and farther between because I don't like the stomach pain afterwards. Everyday I eat sweet potatoes, a hard boiled egg, and avocado with olive oil for breakfast, usually tuna with mayo, a fat, a veggie, for lunch, and dinner is salmon/burgers/spaghetti squash with meat sauce (all compliant or something like that with a fat, veggie, and maybe some potato for dinner.
I have lost 8-10 pounds, we don't have a scale so I didn't weigh myself before, just had a ballpark (170-172), and weighed myself at my moms after maybe 2 months (162). Feel great, clothes are looser, skin looks great, more energy, etc. So thankful for that. Just noticed that I have not lost anymore weight. Should I be exercising more to lose weight now? I am not overeating or eating extra. Just noticing the continued belly fat and thigh fat, though it's definitely better!

The lowest I've ever been is about 150, and that was through cutting portion sizes. I'm happy with where I am but would love to lose this belly and thigh fat. Any suggestions or advice?

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