August 1 Commitment Prepping For Start Up_Canada

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We are in our mid to late 60's, retired, grandparents who need to reset our whole relationship with food.  This is going to be a real test for both of us as I know we have a lot of sugar in all forms in our current diet.  We both love our toast in the morning (not to mention the toppings!), rice is a staple as we are of Asian decent, snack foods while watching a movie or binge watching during the pandemic!  BUT, we will get through the Whole30, we hope for the better as of August 1, 2020.

Right now, we are reading about the program, researching the products we might not have on hand in our pantry or fridge.  Making a plan for meal planning and shopping and have even recruited our daughter and her fiance to do it with us! 

I am both excited about starting this and a bit anxious of the unknown.  But I have numerous reasons for wanting to try.  I feel I am too sedentary, due to joint pain in my legs and feet.  I feel like my weight is the major factor with these issues.  I do not sleep well, often due to hip and back pain.  I'm just generally not happy with the way my body feels.  My husband on the other hand, is a bit more active than I am and doesn't have any weight issues, but also has some aches and pains.  However, his sugar consumption is of concern.  

We also have my mother, who is 100 yrs old, living with us.  I am responsible for her meals and well being.  We will not be formally including her in the program as we already control much of her food and she has a tendency to sneak her treats in when we aren't looking!  She is 100 years old, I think she has earned the right to eat what she wants once in a while.  

Count down begins!

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