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Painful Acne SOS


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Hello all! I’ve been having an issue and I’m hoping to hear from someone with a similar experience who may have advice... 

I recently got engaged. In the weeks after my engagement there were celebrations and we went on vacation. My skin had minor breakouts, which is normal for me, but I was consuming lots of breads and alcohol (I’ve been dairy free for 2 years). When we got home, I felt bloated and sluggish. A friend suggested whole 30 and I jumped right in with her on August 1st. 

Around day 9, I suddenly had large, painful, itchy acne all along my jawline with massive whiteheads. Whiteheads are really abnormal for me. Every day since then, I’ve woken up with new blemishes. It’s a revolving door of acne that won’t clear up. 

**a few disclaimers: I don’t eat nut butter. I cut almonds/nuts completely for 10 days and that didn’t help anything. I’ve been eating a healthy mix of fruits, veggies, meat, and eggs. I haven’t changed my skincare routine. I haven’t been wearing makeup, I cleanse my masks regularly like I always have.**

Physically, I’m wayyyy less bloated, but it’s day 22 (R1) and we‘ve had to push our engagement pictures back because my skin is in so much pain, I can’t imagine putting makeup on. If anyone has a history with hormonal acne, did things eventually get better for you? Did you seek medical treatment? Did you ride it out? Any advice/relatable experiences is much appreciated!!! 

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