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Allisen's 1st Whole 30, started 01/02/13!!


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I've been meaning to post here but got caught up posting in other forums...so here it is :)

I'm 30yrs old, boyfriend of 7yrs (who is on board with Whole 30) fitness fanatic, runner, new to cooking & made the decision it's time for a change because I was over feeling crappy even though I ate "healthy" I've suffered from GI issues since I was 18yrs old. Seen specialists galore, procedures & on the strongest acid reflux meds (sad true story) Developed migraines a few years ago, monthly, not a happy girl.

I'm training for my first ultra marathon, 50k. I was feeling anxious nervous how to fuel for these next 30days on Whole 30. I've relied on GU stingers & electrolyte Ultima replenish. Hopefully my stomach can digest some of the suggestions I've found through the forums.

Purchased ISWF last night, learning a lot & happy someone in the forums highly recommended to read it.

Day 1-7 I felt annoyed at some points knowing I couldnt have my protein shakes, post-wo but tested out a few post-wo snacks so far okay. Pre-wo is where im struggling. Boiled egg doesn't settle so I've been eating fruit & couple almonds. During my short runs, I'll start to feel fatigue towards the last mile but noticed more energy. I went through detox symptoms but had lots of energy. Cravings for sugars was pretty bad but passed. Cooking is going well, but time consuming even though prepping on Sunday, weeknight routine when I get off from work, workout, cook dinner, then prep for the next day, its already 9p! Late!

Need to figure out a better game plan for prepping.

Today is Day 8, yesterday slept on & off through a lingering headache :( not fun, woke up with that same headache! Gave in, took Advil. Today waking up was tough, tired irritated uncomfy feeling. Got to work, wasn't in the mood to eat or hungry but ate 3 spinach egg muffins but passed up on my blueberries. I'm so use to "having" to eat breakfast this early (7:30a) but if I'm not hungry....can I wait?

Hoping this cranky tired feeling goes away. I want to be at home in bed. Lol

Meal#1 3 spinach egg muffins & 4 blueberries w/green tea

Meal #2 grilled chicken breast, lettuce, avocado, 1/2 sweet potato

Pre-WO snack: ?

Fitness: Trail run 4 miles

Post-WO: few pieces of chicken breast & sweet potato

Meal #3: Turkey burger lettuce wrap with avocado & cauliflower rice

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Yesterday was a challenging day overcoming obstacles & I did it, make it to day 9.

Today is a much better day. Woke up with energy, no headache. Breakfast went down well. So far feeling great! Happy. Not cranky.

Tested pre-wo snack coconut butter (saw a girl post it on her log) & gave me energy, didn't upset my stomach. Worked out perfect!

Noticing today, women stuff, & read in forum it's normal that body is balancing its hormones so give it time.

Day 9:

1. Scrambled eggs with left over turkey patty & blueberries

2. Tuna, EVOO, Lemon, salad w/avocado, 1/2 sweet potato

Pre-wo: Coconut butter

Fitness: Chalean Extreme PUSH Circuit 2

Post-wo: few chicken breast & sweet potato slices

3. Turkey Meat Loaf, cauliflower rice & Brussels sprouts

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TGIF! Day 10

Struggled out of bed ( too warm & comfy ) but once I got up, burst of energy. Usually I'm tired & not in the mood, ever since I've started Whole 30 been feeling pretty awesome! I decided to stop taking my crazy GERD meds, Dexilant, on Monday (I have been taking every & any acid reflux GI meds you can think of because my symptoms are very bad) & I can't believe that I'm not dying in pain since I've been eating like this. Yes I still have slight discomfort here & there but nothing like before. I read in the forums before it gets better, first it worsens. Thinking that's true. Peppermint tea is helping greatly with digestion.

I'm looking forward to see how I'll feel Day 30! Or maybe longer depending on symptoms.

I was feeling bloated the other day & someone suggested Kombucha. First time trying it, intersting taste but pretty good. No bloaty & got hit with super energy! Not sure if its Day 9 symptoms or Kombucha but I'll take it!!

My boyfriend & I ate most of our groceries we bought over the weekend, crazy! Need to have some meals prepared before shopping day. Biggest challenge is F-Sun. Weekends. Stay focused.

Testing out a few snacks, if needed, for my trail running this weekend. Bought raisins, larabars, applesauce. Maybe I won't need it because mileage is only 6miles & 8 miles (Ultra Marathon training)

Yesterday meal #2 skipped the sweet potato because I was full, but realized I think it gives me energy & moves things along in my tummy (bm) ?

Meal#1 Leftover scramble eggs & turkey burger mix w/blueberries, Kombucha, Green Tea

Meal#2 Leftover Turkey meatloaf, cauliflower rice w/brussel sprouts, salad, sweet potato.

Meal#3 Grilled chicken breast, salad, avocado, blueberries (try to make a new dressing from Whole 30 recipes)

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Attempting my first time running longer than 4 miles, while on new Whole 30 eating.

Day 11: Woke up feeling great. Lots of energy. Took a spoonful of coconut butter, stomach tolerated it. It's was 38 degrees (Irvine,CA) & freeeeezing well for me it was especially loving in Orange County.

Easy slow running, after I hit mile 2 my left side was cramping up. Like gas pains or I needed to go to the bathroom (#2) Eeek! Never has happened to me before in my running career. :(

Struggled in pain for the next 4 miles. Walked more than jogging. I was HORRIBLE!! Never felt like this befor.

The stomach pain was my issue today. I had the energy but stomach pain was horrible.

Rushed home, & (TMI) had bad diahrrea, runny. So much pain!! I wanted to cry :(

Felt super dehydrated, like I needed electrolytes. Curled up on the couch in pain, freezing, like I had the stomach flu but it can't be. Drank water but still felt dehydrated.

Decided I NEED coconut water (no additives just coconut water) after a few minutes finally, felt a tad better.

Eating my eggs & chicken sausage w/blueberries slowly, feeling better than earlier.

Read through forums about bowel movement experiences, hoping this is the stage where it gets worse then better or could it be from my first time drinking Kombucha yesterday (Is this the "detox"

affect from drinking it?)

Hope today gets better. Scheduled to run 8 tomorrow but think its best to rest, until this stomach sito passes. :( Almost want to give up because of this horrible experience, but I won't.

Pre-run: spoonful of coconut butter

Meal#1 scrambled eggs chicken sausage w/blueberries

TBD how stomach feels for Meal#2&3

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Happy week 2!!

Day 10: After my horrible Kombucha run experience I started to feel slightly better towards the end of the night. Kept it simple, had eggs for dinner & chicken apple sausage, plus a banana to help with my after shock stomach rumbles.

Day 12: Skipped the running to play it safe. Felt a lot better. I was feeling tired mid-morning, took a 2hr nap! Felt recharged when I woke up. Noticed running grocery errands even though your stomach is full, you crave the "outside" food. Prepped, planned, cooked as much as I can for the week.

Day 13: Struggled out of bed, too comfy. Breakfast wasn't hungry but ate a few eggs. Tested out pre-run snack: raisins & almonds Stomach was fine, ran & happy I had energy! Until the last 10mins, I was getting tired. Got home late, prepping for tomorrow's breakfast/lunch for my bf & I, then ate dinner later than usual. Need to get to bed earlier.

1. Eggs w/chicken apple sausage

2. Chicken w/grilled green peppers, salad, avocado, sweet potato

Pre/post snack: Raisin & Almonds

Run 4 miles

3. Grilled chicken breast, Salad, avocado, sweet potato

Day 14: Woohoo! Feeling great but Need to get 7-8 hours of sleep, tired but still have energy. Looking back at my food log, I need more carbs/veggies & sweet potato is a must. Noticing it helps with my energy & moves things along in my stomach. Testing out boiled egg post-wo tonight. Going to give Kombucha another try, but drink 1/4 of the bottle today, pray tomorrow no crazy stomach affects, then 1/2 tomorrow until my stomach adjusts.

1. Left over eggs w/chicken apple sausage (need to add carbs starting tomorrow)

2. Turkey Meatloaf, salad, carrots/snap peas, avocado (forgot sweet potato at home!)

3. No fuss Salmon cakes or Salmon (if defrosted) sweet potato, cauliflower rice, Brussels sprouts, avocado

Pre-wo: Raisins, Almond

Post-wo: Boiled Egg (if needed because eating dinner right after)

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Half way there plus 1 day!

Day 15: Feeling more energy today but still struggling to get a full atleast 7hrs prefer 8hrs of sleep. Kombucha test is settling in my stomach better. Need to think of a new recipe, easy tasty fast to add in the mix of meals. Ran 4 mile trail run, finally felt strong during my run. No sluggish feeling the last mile.

1. Scrambled turkey eggs & sweet potato hash

2. Ground turkey (taco seasoning homemade), salad, green peppers, avocado (aka taco salad) sweet potato

Pre/post snack- raisins & almonds (settling in stomach well)

3. Left over Turkey Meat Loaf, salad, guac (100 cal pack, whole 30 approved) sweet potato, clementine

Day 16: Woke up starving, energy levels high then after breakfast which I added a clementine (my first time) started to feel tired afterwards. Weird. Tomorrow will skip a fruit see what happens. Cooking preparing is getting easier but I want to try new meals. Need to work on my 7-8hrs of sleep. Working out in the evening, then prepping meals, winding down is already 10:30-11p!

1. Scrambled eggs w/ potabella mushroom turkey (didn't like it, but ate it) Clementine

2. Left over Turkey Meatloaf, salad, sweet potato guac

3. Salmon, cauliflower rice w/grilled Brussels sprouts sweet potato

Hope I kick this tiredness.

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Happy Day 18!

Feeling awesome this morning! Lots of energy & even though I went to bed late (bf late soccer game) still woke up "awake" Weird. Not complaining. Working on 7-8hrs of sleep, soon I'll get that part down. Much better 6 mile run this morning, than last week. Forsure!! Tested cashew butter & raisins pre-run, mid run a couple raisins & almonds, finished strong during my trail run! Love week 3, and the energy high!

Day 17: Got 6.5 hours of sleep, felt great! More hungry than earlier this week, starving. Learned lunch wasn't enough for me. Fought sweet tooth cravings all day & survived!!

1. Scrambled eggs w/chicken sausage & blueberries

2. Tuna w/ celery EVOO, salad, carrots snap peas & sweet potato

Pre-post snacks- raisins & almonds

Fitness: Chalean Extreme Burn interval

3. Rotisserie chicken breast, baked Brussels sprouts, sweet potato

Day 18:

1. Scrambled eggs w/ chicken sausage & mushrooms, avocado & blueberries

2. Turkey burger w/ grilled peppers lettuce wrap, avocado, sweet potato

3. Searching for a new recipe

Pre-run cashew butter

Mid-run raisins & almonds

Post-run sweet potato & chicken breast

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Day 19

So the full of energy is Tiger Blood stage?! Yay!! Hope the "bad tiredness days" have passed, we shall see

Yesterday, was running errands & not craving or getting pissed off that I couldn't have "ice cream" "French fries", surprisingly wasn't hungry by lunch time & still out & about. Good thing I packed a mini cooler with cut up chicken breast, sweet potato chips, fruits, nuts. Had a mini-lunch during our errands. Noticing my feet was getting cramps, so I added as my "dessert" after dinner ( Mexican turkey salad w/ grilled peppers & avocado sweet potato) frozen smashed banana & cinnamon. Tastey.

Today after run, no foot cramps. Hope that helped adding a banana.

I have been eating raisins & almonds as a tester for running, (1/4c of each, raisins & almonds) I don't eat the whole serving but so far it's settling well in my stomach. Think next week I'll try the boiled egg as a pre-workout, didn't settle the first time.

Ran 7 mile trail run, felt strong! & happy that I am staying compliant for my fueling... I notice I get hungry or need a boost, after 4th mile ( which was my GU fuel prior to Whole 30) after my trail run, I needed food, tried a fruit strip ( didnt like it) then ate a Lara bar ( forgot my chicken & sweet potato chips) & ate the whole bar & was satisfied.

Today will need a nap, went to bed late, only 5.45 hours of sleep :( Need to work on this.

Pre-run: 1/2 cashew butter & raisins

Mid-run: couple raisins & almonds, little squeeze of cashew butter

Post-run: rest of cashew butter, raisins, bite of fruit tape & Lara bar

1. 3 scrambled eggs w/ chicken apple sausage, sautéed mushrooms & blueberries 1/2 bottle Kombucha

2. Left overs, rotisserie chicken & salad, veggies & avocado

3. Turkey burger grilled peppers mushroom lettuce wrap w/ avocado sweet potato fries

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i'm so impressed by how active you are! i have been super tired and low energy until yesterday (day 10 for me). i've been having some stomach stuff too... i will have to try using kombucha. good luck on your whole 30!

Thank you :)

Oh trust me, week 1 & 2, I was struggling. Took it easy, but when week 3 came around lots of energy. It's amazing! Don't give up, be patient.

Kombucha- I recommend it. I can finally drink 1/2 a bottle now. First time I drank the whole bottle, cleansed me out lol Then decided to drink 1/4-1/3 at a time til I adjust. Much better now!

Thanks! You too :)

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Day 21, counting down the days.

Woke up with great energy, minus broken microwave sito at work at cold egg muffins :( Plus this week is a challenge with emotions hormonal women monthly changes. Feeling annoyed, irritated, breaking out on my jaw or think its getting better, idk. Not in the mood to eat the same recipes meals we've been eating but it's tolerable. Bad craving for sweets!!! Assuming its the "pms" talking. I know I just need to push through. Good news Kombucha is really helping & can drink 1/2 a bottle a day now. I had my usual pre-workout snack raisins & almonds, 1 serving of each & ate both servings! The sweetness of the raisins was delish! Plus I was hungry, I'll have to look back at my lunch or its pms talking! Lol

Need to get through the night.

1. 4 egg muffins & berries, 1/2 Kombucha, green tea

2. 1 Chicken breast, salad, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 sweet potato 1tbs first attempt of homemade vinaigrette dressing (okay tasting) -need more protein

Pre-wo: 1/4c of each! Raisins & almonds (realized I was talking on the phone, just kept eating...lesson learned)

Post-wo: if needed, chicken breast

3. ? Not sure what sounds good , breakfast does

Day 20

1. Scrambled eggs w/chicken apple sausage mushrooms, chalula, blue berries Kombucha

Swim: 1600 meters

Post-wo: 1/2 Cashew butter

2. Left overs: 1/2 salmon, rest of Mexican turkey meat, 1/2 avocado , sweet potato, grilled peppers

3. Scrambled eggs w/chicken sausage & sweet potato, baked carrots, 1/2 avocado, clementine

Select weights arrived, time to get my Chalean Extreme on!!

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Day 24

Hanging in there. :( These past couple days my GI issues were acting up, foggy headaches, bloated at times, bowel movements (constpiated) ...not sure if my "women" hormone changes is affecting me to have these symptoms or my body is still healing (as mentioned in forums it gets worse before it gets better)

Think today will be one of those days, need to try to stay positive. Only 6 more days to go.

I've noticed some days I'm not as hungry & others I'm starving.

Ate my breakfast & berries, (no appetite) afterwards felt sick nauseous. I should've stopped eating, after a few bites. Bad habit.

I have been eating a serving of almonds everyday with raisins, testing what works for my running & so far its easily digestible. I was wondering if almonds have anything to do with my constipated issues or body still adjusting.

Falling asleep really fast which is new to me, very happy with that. I still need to work on 7-8hrs of sleep.

Hope I start feeling better.

Day 24:

1. 4 scrambled eggs w/spinach & chicken apple sausage & berries

2. Leftovers: Turkey meatloaf, salad, sweet potato, avocado (no appetite to eat today, we shall see)

3. ?

Day 22 & 23 same breakfast & pre/wo snack except lunch & dinner are different

1. 4 scrambled eggs w/spinach & chicken apple sausage & berries

2. Left overs:

Day 22; Grilled chicken breast, sweet potato, salad, avocado

Day 23: Mexican turkey salad w/grilled peppers, avocado, sweet potato

Pre/wo: raisins & almonds


Day 22: Mexican turkey salad w/grilled peppers, avocado, sweet potato, clementine

Day 23: Turkey Meatloaf, baked carrots, Brussels sprouts, sweet potato, avocado

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Day 28, hanging in there. I missed logging for the past few days, but I continued with the same meals. Few days ago, GI issues acting up (heartburn, gas, bloated) and now headache (migraines), I was exhausted yesterday. Frustrated. I feel like as I am getting close to complete my first Whole 30, my symptoms are getting worse. I miss the "Tiger Blood" week! I am assuming my body is healing, because I never felt like this in the beginning.

Hope I can get through today, and 2 more days!!

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In ISWF, they mention that a lot of people DON'T feel the 'magic' at the end of the first 30 days. 30 days is pretty arbitrary, you can extend it to be however long you'd like (45 days, 60, 100-- just not 365!) or until you start feeling that Tiger's Blood again!! I'm on Day 29 but you can bet Day -1 I won't be eating anything crazy. In fact, it'll probably be just like Day 30.

So, don't get too down, maybe give it more time? You're such a hardcore athlete, too, have you read the chapter about 'special populations'? Another great resource for athletes especially, is Robb Wolf's The Paleo Solution (he has a website, too) or marksdailyapple.com and his book, The Primal Blueprint. They both focus A LOT on Paleo for athletes, so it might be worth looking in to.

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In ISWF, they mention that a lot of people DON'T feel the 'magic' at the end of the first 30 days. 30 days is pretty arbitrary, you can extend it to be however long you'd like (45 days, 60, 100-- just not 365!) or until you start feeling that Tiger's Blood again!! I'm on Day 29 but you can bet Day -1 I won't be eating anything crazy. In fact, it'll probably be just like Day 30.

So, don't get too down, maybe give it more time? You're such a hardcore athlete, too, have you read the chapter about 'special populations'? Another great resource for athletes especially, is Robb Wolf's The Paleo Solution (he has a website, too) or marksdailyapple.com and his book, The Primal Blueprint. They both focus A LOT on Paleo for athletes, so it might be worth looking in to.

:) Thanks so much for your input & advice. Feeling much better!! Looking back a couple days I noticed I wasn't getting enough sleep & I'm sure that had something to do with triggering my migraine.

ISWF- "special population" - Ill have to re-read or read that section again.

Robb Wolf will definitely be my next purchase. I don't want to go back to my old ways eating "healthy" yet feeling sick.

Re-introduction process, I may skip dairy & gluten because I know those two I forsure have sensitivities. Maybe try hard cheese, if I want to test it.

Thanks again. I really appreciate it.

Happy I kicked my migraine today by sleeping & resting, tomorrow is a new day!!

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Day 30!!! Coming to an end....I did it!! & good new feeling SOOOOOO much better today. Energy high! Loving it!

I've learned so much about myself, I don't need to count or restrict foods, I don't obsess with the scale or every 2-3 hours eating, I feel satisfied, no cravings or urge to snack in between meals. Eating this way makes me feel lean, energetic, & best part my insides are healing! I haven't taken my killer GI meds since I've started, everyday headache is gone, and no eczema breakouts! My clothes are fitting better, sleeping easier, & crazy energy! It's amazing.

I know it will take time to completely heal my insides but for the first time, I'm loving the way I feel.

I'm learning to enjoy food, fitness, resting listening to my body. I'm not stressing about work outs, like crazy intense doubles.

My whole view about nutrition and the chemistry behind it has changed, after seeing what Whole 30 was all about, it TOTALLY made sense. What took me so long, so this is how it feels to feel "normal" or "good" :)

Re-introduction sorta makes me nervous, I already know I am gluten & lactose intolerant (except can eat hard cheese), I think I will follow more of the paleo guidelines & whole 30 "rules". I actually like some of the recipes I tried!

During my ultra training, I want to continue eating "real" foods with my stingers, I am looking forward to see improvements in my running energy level.

I will definitely come back to Whole 30 after I complete my first ultra marathon, 50k!

Finally, happy to feel good inside and out :)

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