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HELP!  I have had a pretty good transition to Whole30, since I’d already given up most grains.  They just give me indigestion.  That’s why I’m pretty discouraged: I’m on Day 26, with no mistakes.  But, for the last three days, I have had some pretty uncomfortable indigestion: the kind I’ve always had when pregnant (I’m 44, and have 8 children, 4 miscarriages).  During pregnancy, I always controlled indigestion by stopping any food consumption at 5 pm and chewing gum for the digestive enzyme help.  I could never stomach TUMS: they make me gag!  I am so tempted to chew gum right now!  I’m so uncomfortable.  Any suggestions?

Crazy truth: there’s a little part of me that hopes the Whole30 worked super fast to counteract my secondary infertility and that I’m experiencing this because I’m finally expecting again. Ha!

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