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PMS with your whole 30

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I've searched a few different places and can't find anything about PMS before in the forums, so hopefully I don't duplicate!

And sorry guys, this one needs more of a woman's advice. ;)

I'm on day 10 of the W30, about 3-4 days out from getting my cycle, and I'm raging irritible. My husband texted me this morning, and I nearly blew up in his face!

It hasn't been a super stressful day, but lots of little things keep piling on... texts and emails from clients that would be fine any other time, but today the words seem to have an accusing tone.

I reached for my "stress relief" tea, and found it had stevia leaf in it, so I put it back in a huff. I should NOT be so upset over silly tea. !!

As a little precursor, I've eaten mostly Paleo for the past year, but was curious to see how I reacted with these restrictions. I've not had a whole lot of mental PMS over the years, just cramping,etc, so this is kind of new. I'm about 5'5" and around the 150 mark, I think. I'm on a strength program now and have been hungry a lot, so my meals have been decently sized, but I've leaned out. I'm determined not to think about portion sizes, since I had been doing that for the last 12 months. For example, today looked like:

Breakfast: sauteed carrots and coconut flakes with 2 eggs; frozen berries with coconut oil/cream; coffee with coconut oil

light cardio workout

PWO: turkey breast filet, whole sweet potato

Lunch: 1/2 avocado, sauteed veggies, ground beef (I usually make a panful and eat most of it); a few more berries with coconut oil/cream

Supper: 3 eggs with sauteed onions and cabbage and fresh chopped basil (no, that doesn't go very well, if you were wondering. hah!); 2 bowls of squash-coconut soup

And any time I saute, I use closer to 2 thumbs of coconut oil rather than one. And I usually eat meat for the supper meal too, I just wanted some runny eggs with my carmelized onions. :)

So, all the basic information aside, has anyone else dealt with horrible PMS on the whole 30? Any ways to combat it?? Leave the computer and all my work right now to go make up for only getting 6 hours of sleep last night??

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That sounds exactly what I went through. Mine came at around 5 days in, and I've been paleo since around April (though I took off December). Because I'd never had problems with it I had no idea that it was even PMS at first. I thought I was just overwhelmed. My boyfriend put me to bed like a little kid who's grumpy from staying up too late!

I vote for the leaving the computer and work and sleeping for 12 hours. Or having a bath first possibly.

Coconut cream+ cocoa powder whilst in the tub, maybe?

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