First Round - Seeking Healthy Relationship With Food

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A coworker does W30 twice a year or so and has raved about it. Every time she mentions it I ask questions, read a little, and decide it’s too much. This time, I decided it’s exactly enough. I’ve gotten the book, I’m working on a meal plan, and this week I’ll be clearing and restocking my kitchen.

I have serious issues with cravings and emotional eating. Sometimes I feel like a robot when I drive past a fast food place and pull in even when I’m saying out loud ‘you don’t want this!’, or an absolute loser when I go out ‘to grab milk’ knowing I’m going to get food and eat it in the car, then stop at a gas station to toss the evidence. 

If anyone is in a similar situation, I’d love a buddy for the month:)

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Hi!  Meet your sistra...  I do all of these and more!

I plan to start the W30 from 2nd January; my kitchen clear out starts this week too... we are using up all the food in the pantry/freezer and there's a big roast dinner planned for 1st January. Then that's it - it's all or nothing!  

This will be my second time doing the W30.  But I wasn't 100% the last time... realised it afterwards as I made so many mistakes but I still lost 20lb in 4 weeks which I was delighted with; and felt great!



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Did you start a Whole 30 Queen?  I did my first Whole 30 in 2017 and it changed my life in so many positive ways.  Went from pre-diabetic to completely normal blood sugar, got off of blood pressure meds and my BP is lower now; lost 40 lbs; lifelong mild eczema gone; inflamed arthritic ankle improved that I can now run again; etc etc etc

I've maintained these gains for almost 5 years now..,


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