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W30 in the U.K. Dressings, Mustard, Creamers, Jerky, Nut Butters


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I lived in the States for years and did W30 there. I've moved to the UK and I'm really struggling to find items such as dressings, mustard, creamers (similar to nutpods), nut butters and jerky.

I wish W30 was here. I found an old post Melissa started but that was neraly 7 years ago and most links are expired. I'm not looking for ideas on meats, vegetables and fruit, but ideas for the dressings, mustard, creamers, nut butters and jerky. I know I could attempt to make some but I really want to find the items pre-made.

Does anyone have any thoughts, or does anyone know if W30 will ever come to the U.K?

Thank you

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Hi Emm now you can see why we all moan bitterly about it over here hah?! 

You need to hit up superstore supermarkets, like the out of town retail park type to find a good selection of things.  We have a smallish Sainsburys here in Cwmbran but I was able to get cashew and almond butter, coconut in all its forms (oil, milk, creamed and flaked) except aminos and avocado oil plus a good variety of herbs and spices including a fantastic sea salt with garlic this week.  I believe Waitrose do coconut aminos but I've not been to one lately to check and I reckon that Waitrose will probably do most things you are after more so than any of the other big stores over here.  Nearly everyone does Franks Hot Sauce now even Aldi have it sometimes. 

I've discovered a web site called Hunter and Gather  today which has a lovely range of compliant mayos if you are fed up with making your own (I seem to be making it ALL the time!!) and they are UK based.  I'm going to order a couple of jars to see if they are any better than my own ;) 

I was thrilled to find that French's Classic Yellow Mustard is compliant and I use Colmans powdered mustard for super fiery mustardyness.

I'm still on the hunt for jerky that wont blow the bank in one shop and even contemplating making my own.

I don't drink coffee so creamers are an unknown to me but I did get some compliant almond milk in Sainsburys from Rude Health.  I'm planning to make a broccoli 'cheese' soup this week that needs it so I'll see how it is and report back.

As far as dressings go I tend to make my own with olive oil, balsamic and fresh herbs from my garden (or freezer in the winter).  I make a LOT of mayo then batch it out with different other ingredients to make ranch, avomayo etc so I've not actually looked at the options available in the stores.

If you can't find nut butter locally then meridian foods have a web store.  All their nut butters are wonderful and I prefer them over peanut butter now.  The almond butter on an Elvis burger with strawberries is divine!

I have to point out that I'm only just back on W30 after nearly 7 years since my last but I have been keeping an half eye on sugar free produce because sugar is my arch nemesis and I try and avoid it when hidden in my foods.


As for W30 coming to the UK?  We live in hope eh?

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Thank you so much for the response Mamatutut!

I wish W30 would appear here in the UK. It was so easy to follow in the US.

After looking at Melissa Urban's post and seeing it was 7 years ago that she asked people to add food resources for the UK, I think it is time we had W30 here.

People just don't seem to want to do it so much here, due to having to read each label thoroughly, searching store to store, and having no compliant products. In the US we had salad dressings, hotdogs, jerky, mustard, creamers and sauces with the W30 logo. It was amazing! 

@Melissa Urban if you ever need help pulling W30 into the UK, let me know! 

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I totally agree, it's quite hard work to follow a W30 here because there's no 'approved' stamp on things to give us a hand and the approved list on the W30 web site is all US products which generally aren't available in or can't be shipped to the UK.  

I've made is easy on myself by thinking that if its not food in its purest, rawest form then I'll avoid it but sauces and condiments MAKE a meal don't they?  It's a good job I really enjoy cooking :)

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