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Day 1: This too shall pass...right?


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Day 1 here. 

I've been alcohol free for 2 years, nicotine free for 3 months, and I have to admit I have a sugar/carb addiction as well. 

My brain is trying to convince me that I have NO REASON to put myself through this. There isn't an economic depression. We aren't having to ration food. The weight gain is just menopause and the nighttime aching joints, tennis elbow and rib strain that won't heal...just go to the doctor and take some pill that may or may not have some weird side effects.  Don't torture yourself by not adding sugar and half and half to your coffee.

When that isn't working, my brain and body try to get me to panic that I'm about to starve. So I pull up some pictures of Ethiopians from the 80s (remember "We Are the World?") or concentration camps from the 40s. THAT is starving and I'm nowhere close to that. I can't even imagine what that would be like. But this...this mental temper tantrum, that's not starvation. 

There is  also the fatigue. It hasn't even been 24 hours and I'm tired and my brain isn't working correctly. Have I been operating on THAT much sugar and carbs? Apparently so. 

And so I take some very deep breaths, do some praying, and try to keep occupied until I can go home and go to bed. 

This too shall pass...right?


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Day 2. Started rough with mental temper tantrum over black coffee. But as the day goes on, I'm gaining confidence.  Especially as I watch my husband's blood sugar go crazy up and down with his poor eating habits. Hopefully my journey might be inspiring 

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