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C.Ann May

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Hi, I have ordered 3 of the books which i have started reading and am planning to start my 30-day journey in January.  I’ve had some health issues in 2022 including unexplained joint pain, which is what is motivating me to learn about this program.  I have for a long time, been a generally healthy eater.  I rarely drink soda and tend to buy organic.  My downfall is my unhealthy relationship with sweats and carbs, especially when I’m not feeling myself. 

Question:  I purchased Cultured Vegan Butter made with cashew and coconut oil and was wondering if this was a suitable alternative to butter?  Also, can you buy clarified butter?  I have not tried to make it yet.  

Thank you


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You'd need to check all the ingredients in the vegan butter you've purchased, but if all the ingredients are Whole30 compatible, it should be fine to have. I've never used any of the vegan butters, so idk how they are to cook with, so idk how well that'll work.

You can buy clarified butter and ghee already made. Typically, ghee is cooked a bit longer so the milk solids brown before they're strained out, which gives it a different flavor than clarified butter. There are some brands listed on the Whole30 Approved page, but if you find other brands locally, as long as the ingredients are Whole30 compatible it's fine to use those (although ingredients for clarified butter and ghee list milk or butter as ingredients, and even though these are generally not OK in other foods, they are okay for ghee and clarified butter because of how they're made, so you're just making sure there's not other non-Whole30 ingredients).

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