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1st Timer & Loving It!!!

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This is my first time doing the W30. I just learned about this program December2022. I was sick and tired of being bloated and lethargic all the time. I started preparing in Dec. by cutting out certain foods to see if I could handle the food restrictions for 30 days. 

What I have found is, this is much easier than expected, thank god! I already prep meals and enjoy leftovers.  On my free time before I found this program I was always searching for healthy delicious recipes to cook (recipe looking nerd). Nothing ever really was satisfying. What I have discovered is most foods have so much crap in them that drag me down. 

I am finishing day 11, and cannot believe how good I feel! I don’t crave sweets because the food I prepare no longer has the hidden sugar and crap in it that I was unaware of. I’m no longer bloated and lethargic. I have also realized that my meal portions were too big! Thank you Melissa & Dallas for writing the book “It All Starts With Food.” What an eye opener. Also, “Freedom From Food.” And, the “Real Plans” recipe website/app has been wonderful.  

I will keep coming back and doing this one day at a time!!!



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