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I quit on day 20

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I'm not sure if this falls under 'troubleshooting' or a 'success story'. But I made it 20 days on this insane program and finally had enough today. 

My past 5 days were filled with headaches, body aches, lethargy and a generally downright miserable feeling. So much that I took a Covid test on Sunday because that's what it felt like. No Tiger Blood feelings or increased energy from my Whole30 experience. My skin isn't 'glowing', my stomach feels worse, and my sleep quality (based on Sleepwatch app metrics) has tanked over this experience.

Lacking energy to do basic exercise and stuffing my face with potatoes to reach daily calorie counts is not a way to live, even for a short duration. 

I should note - my initial transition into this disaster was easy - simple substitutions of cauliflower rice and almond flour relative to my normal diet. Apparently, most people must eat like utter crap each day because this transition was the easy part. 

For a crash diet, Whole30 is wildly effective - I lost 10 lbs in 20 days. But not for me. 

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I'm sorry to hear you didn't feel good on the program. And I'm truly sorry you didn't ask for help before throwing in the towel. It may be that you were undereating, that is quite common. 

You may find this article helpful in figuring out why it didn't work for you: https://whole30.com/didnt-work/

Wishing you the best. 

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