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Going back to the whole 30 plan


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Hello all

I'm grateful to Dallas and Melissa for, first of all creating the Whole30 and secondly for creating this forum. In numerous places I hear the importance of having a support system so I am grateful for this one.

I did a whole30 last year and felt great. I have slowly let more and more things I shouldn't have back into my diet.. the cheats coming more and more frequently. :( I recently read that to really kick the sweet habit you need to stay sweet free for longer, so I'm planning on going back to whole30 on Sunday June 10.

I have purchased Well Fed and am awaiting the arrival of It starts with Food. I know the drill from my past whole30 and am looking forward to feeling better. I just had my 55th birthday yesterday and despite being lighter and healthier than I was on my 54th birthday, I figure there is no time like the present to get even healthier.

Looking forward to chatting with you all


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