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I had one slurp of Tea with Milk - Shall I start over?

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hi guys,


I am on day 10 and today made 2 cups of tea, one black for myself and one with milk for my friend, walking towards my friend with tea's in hand I had a brain fart and drank from the wrong cup.

Prior to this I have been good as gold, checking everything's ingredients meticulously.  I want to do this properly though.  Should I restart, or should I just cut out dairy for an extra 10 days at the end.

I really wanted to reintroduce alcohol 2 days after my end date as I am going to a family party .

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To be honest the more I read other peoples posts asking the same question, the more I realise the answer is on the wall.

If I want to do this properly, which I do, then I need to start over.  I plan to be almost fully whole 30 as long as I can anyway not just after 30 days.

I suppose I just posted here on here with the enthusiastic, but misplaced optimism that somebody will say, "don't worry about it the science says this won't affect anything" Or  "start whole 30 again, but you will be ok to re-introduce alcohol early for your party".  :lol:


I'm never making anybody a cup of tea ever again..... Stupid Tea :lol:


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