Pre-workout meal... At 5 am?!?


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So glad to hear that a coffee with coconut milk is OK for pre work out, as that's what I have in the morning upon waking up, but was also thinking of having a hard boiled egg too, I get up at 5:15am for a 6am start for CrossFit. I just have a question regarding POST work out. I know the guidelines say to have an 'extra' meal for your post workout, protein and carb dense vegetables, but I really don't have time to have that extra meal. I get home at about 7:15am and I make a meal straight away and eat, but I just classify that at breakfast, not a post work out meal. Should I be cutting out the fat from my 'breakfast' as it is also my post work out meal, and according to the meal template, it says little to NO fats post work out?

I WO twice/ week at 5:30... I pack a small chic breast and a cooked sweet potato and down it the sec my heart rate gets back to normal sitting in the parking lot.... If time is a constraint, I then eat a "mini" full meal as soon as I get home or after a shower.... And increase the protein and carb at meal two.....

It really helps to have them prepped the night before

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