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Day 1 today, January 30


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Hello Whole 30 ! Hello everyone!

I've been paleo since July 19th in 2011... This was the birthday gift I did to myself! :)

This and no more chemical hormones or what else into my body, so I'm also on NAtural Family Planning.

I'm living in Belgium (Europe) with my husband and little boy (3years old)

The first weeks were really difficult to me: headaches, dizziness, kind of brain fog, but I continued and after a few weeks it began to reward!! Yay! Finally! :)

I felt so better then ever, and I lost all my surplus pounds! I'm not sure how much because I don't have a scale at home, but it was more than 40 pounds!

Everything was really good, and I even didn't have no more pain with my gallbladder any more... Until fall last year. Then I began to suffer again and to not digest well and I finally did have to go into hospital for removal surgery!

This was in November 2012.

From that moment I still was grain free and milk free, but I had difficulties to digest in the beginning and it's kind of odd but the only thing that I was digesting good was ground beef, puréed carrots and lots of carbohydrates like rice, sweet potatoes, even white potatoes sometimes.

The problem is this situation evolved and I began to have much cravings for carbohydrates and chocolate, and even sugar (that I usually don't like because it's causing me dizziness and a I don't like the way my tongue feels with sugary things)

Once I was there it was really difficult to go back to a healthy lifestyle and eating habits!

So I finally decided to make my first Whole30!

I'm sure this help me go back to paleo. I think I just need to feel support around me (I'm the only one on house eating paleo, my husband thinks he couldn't live without pasta and bread)

the only thing is I can't seem to convince myself to go to the gym... :(

But ok, one thing at a time!

For now, I just continue to have my walk every day.

And maybe in a few days when I will feel more energy, I will be able to move more

It's already 2pm here, and my first day is going all right, but I begin to have headaches.

I suppose this will not be so for weeks like 2 years ago.

Any ways, I also wanted to thank you people for maintaining this blog, and forums, etc... And also for your book, that I'm reading for the moment.

This helps much!


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Welcome Nathalie, you've definetly come to the right place for support. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. You're doing the right thing reading the book it's full of great info. One thing I found helped right at the beginning was to drink plenty of water. It really helped with the headaches. good luck

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Thank you very much Kirsteen. I still had headaches today, and I continued following your suggestion to drink plenty of water.

I must say I didn't sleep well, or enough... but I'm beginning to feel a little better already (6pm of my day 2). It's encouraging.

Maybe tomorrow will be better, especially after a good night (at least I hope so)

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