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Messed up a little + restaurant question- Pappasitos?

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Hi everyone! I'm on day 5 of my Whole30.

I remembered this morning that my homemade salsa has Lawry's Garlic Salt in it, and I've eaten it 3 times already. Just a few tablespoons, but I was not happy. I know I hardly had any of the garlic salt in the amounts I ate, but I really wanted to say I did the whole30 perfectly. Sigh.

I haven't decided if I am going to tack on 4 extra days or just suck it up.

Anyway, my niece's baptism is this weekend and my sister and BIL are taking everyone out to Pappasito's afterwards. I don't know what to do. I DO NOT want to cheat. I don't know what I can eat there, if anything?

Does anyone have any advice? I can't not go; my sister would be very upset.

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Ok so at papasitos. http://m.pappasitos.com/menu/

Guacamole, ask for viggies like sliced bell peppers or carrots instead of chips

pappasitos salad no dressing (use salsa or lemon and salt and pepper or ask for oil and vinegar... Mix in some guacamole for creaminess)

Fajitas no beans or tortilla, or cheese or sour cream

Filet mignon and shrimp no beans or rice.

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