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Finished Whole30! My results!


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Let's just say I will be 95% Whole9 for as long as I live. With the exception of ice cream here and there, peanut butter and the occasional slice of fresh Italian bread.

What I know I did wrong:

I went into the Whole30 with the wrong motive, to lose weight. I did not obsess over it. I looked forward to the other results that most people talked about and tried to focus more on those. Yes, I did weigh myself and measure myself. I wanted to see the results before 30 days!

... And I did see results. *Cheshire cat grin*

I also know I had a hand full of cashews that were fried in peanut oil. At the time of consumption I had no idea.

And I had a quarter size piece of chicken sauteed in Sesame oil. My fault/excuse: I didn't get to that chapter of the ISWF book yet.

​I also never ate organic meat or cage free eggs. *gasp* I wanted to, just couldn't budget it.

I probably ate more fruit than they would recommend.

I know this may come has a complete and utter shock to all of you, but... I survived. And I kept walking the Whole30 way.

What I know I did right:

I ate more veggies than Cookie Monster's replacement ever had.

I ate more eggs than anyone's business. And I enjoyed every single bite. (scrambled eggs with avocado on top saved me! I would also put meat and/or veggies in my eggs.

I stopped snacking.

I read labels/ingredients! If I can't pronounce it, I don't buy it. If there's any sort of added sugar it goes back on the shelf.

I'm also completely against grains and found a friend who is too!

I exercised 5x a week and had meals 3-4x a day. Including my recovery meal.

I don't crave sugar or anything with sugar in it! No nutritional value? Adios!

I'm onto those companies who put "All Natural" as their labeling. They won't fool me!

My results:

When people posted that they sleep like a baby, I was so excited to experience that! I didn't get it till the last two weeks and there is really no way to explain the sleep. It's not hard, not light, it's... It's wonderful! If this is how a baby sleeps, no wonder they sleep so much! Indescribable.

I cook! Yesterday was day 30, I had bone broth cooking, stuffed apples cooking, beet chips baking and guacamole making! I made food I never had before! Seriously, my future husband/family is going to personally thank Melissa and Dallas someday. Very thankful for the blogs they recommended too!

I'm helping my family live healthier because all the food money is going to healthy stuff!

I think I only had two zits this whole time. And the dark circles under my eyes are lighter!

And the biggest result?!

I lost 8lbs! I lost 7lbs in the first 15 days, then 1lb the last half. My pants fit better! Not as well as they're supposed to... ;) but so thankful that I lost it the healthiest way I know how! Seriously! Natural and healthy.

And that's not mislabeling.

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Congrats!! Very inspirational. And as a mother of 3, one who is still a baby, in my experience babies sleep very lightly and wake frequently so I have no idea where that saying came from!! A toddler, perhaps....anyway I hope to be feeling really good like you in a few weeks' time. :)

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