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I just finished up 29 days on a Whole30 and now I feel I need to start a new log, here. I am not sure about going a Whole30 at this point. I'd like to add in some bacon and some sausage, so I feel it's best to log here. Sugar in the form of honey, some dried fruits, and Paleofied food form sweets are so dangerous for me. I try to rationalize them, I do. I still do this, even after all the mental/spiritual work I've done. I need to continue on, openly, or I feel as if I'll hide and cozy up with sugar/grains again - only this time it might be a permanent thing.

My reintroduction was basically a binge, so the knowledge I might have garnered from taking it slow and seeing it through is lost. I am not beating myself up though (Well, after my very loving husband talked me down from my all or nothing ledge). I think I approached the Whole30 with a really good attitude and applied myself to the spirit of self-experimentation. There were so many improvements in my life and I truly believe this is the way for me.

I need accountability though. I need to be aware and log my food (may need to take breaks sometimes because I get too obsessed with food...even real, whole food). I'm really excited to chart my journey, and reflect upon how any off plan adventures (in terms of mainly unsweetened dairy) affect my body.

I feel as if I need to make this happen for myself. Being here right now, making a start, even though I don't really deem it as the most perfect, pure start, is really helping me to be more positive. I'm currently in a sugar/grain crash right now. It is hard to remember that feelings, moods, depressions pass and that my body/brain chemistry can be reset with consistent lifestyle changes. The simple actions of cooking up food this morning, typing out intentions, carrying out those intentions so far with breakfast and lunch, are bolstering my spirit. I think I might go for a walk later, do some positive affirmations, and read a good book. I just had some tea with coconut milk creamer.

I know from the past 29 days that this does get better and I have a choice.

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M1 - Baked drumstick (dipped in egg and "battered"), roasted cabbage, holy basil tea

*2 cups black tea w/creamer (coconut milk, coconut oil, and almond extract)

M2 - Soup (lots of veggies and ground Kobe beef - so flavorful!)

*light yoga

M3 - Another baked drumstick, roasted cabbage, (I might have one of the sweet potato pancakes I'm making for the kids/husband.)

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Today was wonderful.

M1 - Kobe beef soup, black tea w/1 Tbsp. coconut creamer

*10 almonds and tea on the go to tide me over until lunch (5 am to 12)

M2 - 4 mini Niman Ranch cinnamon sausage, a whole bunch of swiss chard sauteed, Earl Grey

M3 - Three slices Niman Ranch bacon, Pureed turnips w/spices and ghee

Great energy!

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Yesterday was a bit dicey. Things started out great, and then I hit this massive slump at around 3-4. It wasn't an energy thing so much as an emotional thing. I downloaded a book, made some tea, had a snack (something I don't normally do), and tried to breathe and get through it. I almost a hundred percent positive it is hormonal.

M1 - 1 coconut/sweet potato pancake, 1/4 cup applesauce, 5 blueberries, a round of roasted cabbage, 3 cinnamon sausage, tea

M2 - 1 roasted cabbage round, pureed turnips, 1 apple sausage, tea

*rare snack, did indulge a bit in sugar: 2 coconut pancakes, 1 Tbsp. jam, 5 olives, herbal tea

M3 - 1 baked chicken tender, bowl of veggie/bison soup (lots and lots of kale in there, so lovely and soothing!)

*rare smoothie: coconut water, frozen blueberries, a banana, frozen raspberries

I read straight through the night and skimped on sleep. And since my body is so scheduled now, I can't sleep in or go back to bed once the sun rises. I feel a huge impact this morning in my mood. I am seriously moody. Yesterday was not perfect and I think I am trying to escape my feelings a bit, instead of facing them. I don't know why I do this. When my food is void of large loads of baked goods, and grains, feelings tend to surface. I know, logically, that I need to work through this stuff and not numb it with binge/trigger foods.

I am thinking of hiking today to clear my mind and lighten my soul's load.

Thursday night my husband and I took a road less traveled and changed up our workout. Now that I don't weigh myself I am open to adding in weights. I don't like running. I've tried doing it a number of times and I get so crazy, burn myself out, tally up calories, and end up getting injuries. I'm trying to throw long cardio sessions out, add in resistance, and work on the balance of centering myself with yoga/meditation. I am making an effort to apply myself to activities that will condition me for what I really like to do: climb hills, hike nature trails, activity in the great outdoors. For the first time last week I threw the treadmill on the hills setting and I Loved it, absolutely loved it. I had so much energy afterward. I love the intense climb, the burn, and the lightness and vigor that comes with it leveling out again. I try to cap this kind of activity to 30-45 minutes, because I can get a little nutty. What I am trying to do is pair a 20-30 minute hill/stairs workout with HIIT movement, kettlebells, and medicine ball work. Peter and I had such a great time with this type of workout. I can feel all parts of my body ache in a good way. We were such a team, facing each other, encouraging each other to do one more set....pretty awesome and uplifting. It's also a huge aphrodisiac.

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Two more things to note, which I think are pretty cool:

We made our own medicine balls yesterday (Not paying 20 on up for a weighted ball, so we rounded up basketballs, sand, glue, and gorrila tape. Late in the day two precious babies were born.) We also scored a freaking fabulous deal on kettlebells (30 bucks for three w/a stand!)

This morning Peter says to me, "I'm really digging coconut milk in my tea." Made me smile inside. His mom was English and he grew up with milk in his tea. It is a huge step for him.

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