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Too much protein and fat?


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This is now day 13 of my first whole30. Every meal is concentrated on protein and veggies. I have a sweet potato or yucca after workouts but that as much as my starch content goes. I am usually not hungry unless it as soon as I wake up and i find this add. I would like to start measuring and weighing my foods in order to keep track of my intake.

Is weighing and measuring allowed during whole30?

Also, I read that eating to much fat lowers appetite. Is this true?

My protein comes from chicken breast, grass fed ground beef, grass fed steak, lean ground turkey, pork roast and pork shoulder. Some of these are fatty meats and I don't usually have fat with this meal because protein source already contains it.

Taking fish oils also incorporates into my daily fat content. Is this overkill?

Anything helps,


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Weighing and measuring food is not allowed during a Whole30. Instead, during a Whole30, we ask you to follow the Whole9 meal template - http://whole9life.com/book/ISWF-Meal-Planning-Template.pdf to determine how much you should eat. The meal template gives you a minimum amount to eat and then you add more according to meal template guidelines based upon your energy needs and feelings of hunger. The Whole30 way assures that your body gets the nourishment it needs and ultimately, you must be well nourished to lose weight. Many obese people are really malnourished.

You are almost certainly not eating too much protein or fat. Conventional wisdom about what you should be eating is flat wrong and most of us are poor judges of what is appropriate when we are first doing a Whole30. The program really works. Trust the guidelines and you will become healthier and fitter!

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