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Day 1: 02/19/13


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Today is Day 1 for me. I've followed Primal Blueprint for over two years, so I feel like I have a lot of the basics, but I want to take it to the next level. I have struggled with tendonitis in my elbow along with on again/ off again plantar fasciatiis. I've also been experiencing awful hot flashes.....first time, EVER. My dad left today after a week long visit. We had a great week, but ate a lot of things I shouldn't have. We spent the day in New Orleans, ate at some wonderful restaurants, drank some great wine. But it's time to get back on track.

Age: 48



Weight: up 5 lbs from last week!!!! YIKES

PS. I bought my dad the book, I have my neighbor embarking on this with me, and I am getting my whole family on board. My daughter is struggling with allergies, and my son is struggling with skin breakouts. I am hopeful about the next 30 days.

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Today is Day 3 of Whole 30. I am doing pretty well.....keeping my coffee down to 2 cups a day, early in the morning; no snacking ( a big problem for me); no wine (YAY!); eating dinner by 6, getting in bed by 9. Part of my difficulty is not keeping on a routine. I think if I can keep my routine down, then during those times when routine is impossible.....ie. traveling, visitors.....maybe I won't fall completely off the wagon.

Things that make me fall off the wagon:



Not eating enough carbohydrate, especially after a strenuous workout

Drinking wine on an empty stomach

Being "Primal" for 2+ years, after following CW for 46 years, has been extremely freeing for me. But, being the obsessive-compulsive, anally retentive person that I am, I still have continued to weigh every day, keep my carbs below 50 grams a day, and log into Fitday to track my eating and activity every day. I'm not doing that with Whole 30. I am determined to create new habits, get my mind AND my body healthy. I have always struggled with disordered eating, and a distorted body image. Whole 30 is about getting healthy in the way I view food and its relationship to my body.

I am also reading Eat Fat, Lose Fat by Dr. Mary Enig and Sally Fallon, of Nourishing Traditions. I am looking forward to the positive changes that will come through 30 ( maybe 45, maybe 60.....maybe forever) days.

Does anyone else out there struggle with food and body image as I do?

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I just visited my doctor who told me that I may never lose weight even though I rapidly gained 35 pounds on a 5'1" frame. I don't know if I have disordered eating, but I think about it a lot. I am on day 4 and still thinking about it a lot and wondering how people manage this with jobs. It seems I am cooking for my husband and I amd cleaning the kitchen from morning to night. I am thinking about food a lot!!! Oh, and I think there have been daily trips to grocery stores to get good foods.

I did just get the book. I had to order it, but started on Monday anyway because what I read made me want to start right away. Maybe there are some gems in there that can help me get variety and minimze waste without being in the kitchen all the time.

Anyway, this felt like a paralel when I started writing, but it is not exactly the same. And, I do think I saw posts about disordered eating in the women's section or the medical section.

It sounds as thought you are doing well and have beautiful goals! I too plan to stay off the scale and work to minimize snacks.

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I started on 2/19 as well! Day 5 was a killer for me...although I haven't been sick in 7 years (yeah, kid you not) I woke up feeling awful. Tons of sinus pressure and achy all over with slight fever. Anyone else experience this?

I'm a fan of wine... And realized every time I would drink it at night, I would crave food. Now I'm not drinking and I'm realizing that I was really just bored and it became a routine. Now I spend that time researching recipes and planning my meals. Though because of this I do feel like I'm spending so much one thinking of food too!

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hi my name is Phil and i started on the 20th. I have nver attempted a Paleo diet for 30 days before but i have done a 30 day juice feast which was hard but very rewarding so i will apply the same principals here just get it clear in my mind what i will not eat and everytime i am going to put anything in my mouth ask my self is that an allowable food. I went to a health retreat 6 years ago in Australia called living valley springs and i was shocked at the amount of saturated fat. Having read "It starts with food", I am begining to understand ther are good saturated fats and bad saturated fats. I couldn't stick to the LVS DIET but when i think about the examples they gave me over the 20 days i was there i see a lot of correlation between the paleo diet and theirs. They were against seafood because of the mercury poisoning so prevalent in hi end food chin fish like tun and salmon. I have been so hung up with saturated fats because 10 years ago i weighed 145kg(320lbs) i am 6'3" (187cm) and i got down to 85kg (187 lbs) i maintained that weight until 3 years ago when i decided that i would incorporate juicing into my diet and have done that for 3 years off an on and when i was off i was really off eating junk food etc. I am presently at 115 kg (230lbs) but i believe what they are saying in the book and it makes sense and seems like the final progressiion in my 10 year health journey.

I have had an allergies test done on 50 common foods and being on the paleo diet and also trying to avoid my allergies is going to be a little harder. The alergy test classified mine in to 3 catergories strong positive, positive and mild. SPositive was yeast so that should not be a worry, Poaitive is whole eggs and brazil nuts now eggs are a worry as they seem to be in every 2nd Paleo recipe. Mild was Almonds, Soy, shellfish, peppers and mushrooms. I have ignored the allergic response i had to dairy and some nuts(except brazil nuts and soy as the where big in my old diet). My attitude here is Paleo trumps allergies and i will reintroduce eggs after the 30 day paleo diet and listen to my body.

Any comments would be great so I am on day 4 of the paleo diet. I live in Australia (Tasmania) and i will check in an give you guys an update. Tasmania has a population of around 500,000 people and imangine my surprise to find a Cafe that serves a paleo diet in Perth pop 2250 only one or two meals each day the rest of the meals are for the passing traffic which is mostly a western diet clientel. But they sneak there good quality meats, organic vegies, dairy and grains in.

ok good making this comment cheers Phil

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Hello February 19/20 starters! This is my first Whole30, and I'm on day 6 now. Just starting to feel better after nautious, tired, icky days 3, 4 and 5. So if you're feeling horrible, hang in there!!

Making those lamb meatballs that they told us about yesterday in the Whole30 Daily. I'll let you if they're any good.

Good luck today everyone. Don't go back, it's SO not worth it to have to start over again!!


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How's everybody doing on Day 11/12? Still hanging in there?

I've been on the road for work, finding paleo foods, but don't know if they are really compliant. Is Qudoba beef compliant? Is the restaurant vinegar clean? Is Chipotle guac okay? Am I blowing my Whole30 and don't even know it?

Is there a list of Whole30 compliant foods in chain restaurants?

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