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Started Feb 25


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Hi everyone

I started Whole 30 yesterday (25th NZ time!). Am so ready to feel less foggy and more energetic. Fortunately my partner is hugely supportive and is doing it with me (although he really doesn't understand the details as my explanations can be somewhat limited, and he is not a reader!) I have been researching the paleo lifestyle for about 4 months, slowly cleaning up my diet, now have finally made a huge leap to do this. 1 shelf of the pantry is mine now - with 3 teenagers it was essential to make that absolutely clear! I'm hoping there is other kiwis out there... :)

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Hi nzchick

I am also a NZ Chick! I started yesterday. Was going to do a March Whole30, but figured I would give myself a couple of days extra to get into it, or to extend the whole30 (might need more like a whole90 or similar).

Have been reading about Paleo for the last two months or so (started reading about weight lifting, new rules of lifting for women, then found a link to this page http://www.nerdfitne...ing-super-hero/ since then have started the New Rules programme and slowly been trying to be more and more paleo...) and have just started reading "It starts with food".

Grocery shopping night tonight - looking forward to stocking up and getting organised! I am looking forward to more energy and a more positive mood (of course I would love to drop some body fat too, but really just not feeling like I need a nap every second of the day is the real driver).

Hope everything goes well - keep us all in the loop!

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