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Melissa Copeland

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So here we are on day two. I'm not generally much for logging and this may die of neglect if I get distracted by some other shiny object.

I don't expect this to be terribly detailed especially for food since that just makes me odd and obsessive.

This mornings lesson: spinach and eggs really need cheese to tie them together. Looks like I'll be finding some other way to work in veggies at breakfast.

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This is one of our favs...

Brussel sprouts. Ends cut off, the rest cut in fourths.

Bacon (Whole30 compliant of course)

Sliced mushrooms

cook the bacon until desired doneness

remove bacon

add brussel sprouts and mushrooms to bacon grease

cook until soft and brussel sprouts are a little bit brown

rip up bacon and add back in with sprouts and mushrooms


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I think most of the problem is just that I've never really been a big fan of cooked spinach. I'll eat it raw all day but if it's cooked, I need to doctor it up with something.

I definitely need to get some bacon. One of the girls I train with has started buying pork belly at a local Asian market and curing her own. I'm thinking about giving it a go. I haven't seen any good sausage yet either but I'm still looking.

It was late by the time I got home from the gym so dinner was simple: pork chops and sour crout (which I'm pretty sure I can't spell.)

I don't know if it's just from being a little more low carb/sugar free or what but the new programming sucked. Squats for 3 x 10 at 240lbs were awful. Powerlifting has made me lazy and you would not believe the amount whining that was going on in my head by the 6th or 7th rep of every set.

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Thanks, y'all!! And those squats are the gift that keeps on giving (as I've been reminded every time I've stood up today.)

Today has been kind of weird. I've heard the 3rd - about the 5th or 6th day are when people really start feeling tired and cranky. I don't really feel either of those (though I did have a power nap sneak up on me while I was looking up recipes before dinner.). This is the first day I've felt really bummed out about my job search. Even though there's no sense in being bummed at this point.

Today I ate:

6 eggs with some leftover ham from Easter dinner

Leftover pork chop with 2 very small plums

2 huge strawberries while cooking dinner

Homemade Italian sausage with zuchini, summer squash, mushrooms, peppers and homemade basil tomato sauce.

(I'm thinking I need more veggies........)

There was supposed to be spaghetti squash with dinner but it appears that instead of a squash, I actually bought some kind of melon. Luckily, I figured it out before I popped it in the microwave. That would have been very weird.

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Day 4 and we seem to be chugging right along.

Took a field trip to WholeFoods today and got a stern reminder how expensive good food is. But the had grass fed beef and wild caught salmon on sale so a good bit of meet came home with me. There are 2 beautiful, huge ribeyes sitting in my fridge just waiting to be thrown on the grill as soon as I refill the propane tank.

Workout was pretty anticlimactic. Spent most of the time going over the new programming that starts next week. It's going to be an interesting 16 weeks.

Food for today:

- 4 eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms and leftover Italian sausage with an avocado

- chicken salad with mixed greens, spinach, tomato, cucumbers, carrots, olives and strawberries with red wine vinegar (and why does WholeFoods make everything on their salad bar with canola oil?)

- a tiny plum (eaten to make room in the fridge for everything else.)

- spicy blackened salmon with asparagus, sauerkraut and olives. Need to dial back the heat a bit because it took 2 glasses of water with dinner to finish it but the flavor was outstanding.

Which brings me to a question: How do you cut the heat in foods? Normally, I would just drink some milk. Since that isn't an option now...... Aside from avocado, what else do y'all use?

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