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Ingredients in the UK

Shelley/Bucks. UK

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Hi Shelley, Welcome, yes some things are difficult to find over here. However

Sunflower seed butter - the only kind I've ever found is Carley's Organic. Sometimes my local organic shop has it but you can order it here




or you can make your own http://www.tessadome...tra-creamy.html obviously leaving out the stevia

Coconut Aminos - I've ordered it from here http://www.vitaminsu...oducts_id=10067

Fish Sauce without the sugar - Sorry this I haven't managed to find and believe me I've looked :( As far as I know Red Boat fish sauce is the only compliant one and I can't find it anywhere here

Red pepper flakes - You can get Turkish red pepper flakes at Amazon but to be honest I just use chilli flakes from Asda in any recipe calling for them


Gravy recipe - I don't have a specific gravy recipe but here's two that include gravy both delicious

http://paleomg.com/l...ers-rump-roast/ and http://nomnompaleo.c...icken-and-gravy

Someone also sent me this link http://www.primalbri...ctory/#Scotland It covers all areas of Britain and online suppliers so it might be useful for some things. Good luck and if you find fish sauce - let us know please :)

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