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  1. Roz Griffiths

    The crazy things people say

  2. Roz Griffiths

    Mayo fail

    Immersion blender all the way here too. No failures *touch wood* & the egg can come straight from the fridge too
  3. Roz Griffiths

    Christmas Whole30

    Hey Trina All good here too, though still a bit heavy on the dried berries. Nothing too bad though. I don't know about American English, but in English English (!!) broth is just made from the bones, maybe a little seasoning, while stock also has vegetables & herbs in it.
  4. Roz Griffiths

    Sweet Potato Waffle Well Fed 2 Whole30?

    Homemade sweet potato fries are no more paleofying food than courgette/zucchini noodles - really it's just a different shape of pure vegetable. Though if you had a particular bingeing problem centred around fries or noodles, you'd want to avoid them anyway
  5. Roz Griffiths

    Whole30 Plank in November?

    I managed about 2.5 minutes while cooking some cauliflower rice My back was complaining, but it was not the same as the struggle to stay up for 60 seconds a few weeks ago!
  6. Roz Griffiths

    Sweet Potato Waffle Well Fed 2 Whole30?

    Apparently the sweet potato finishes up very bread-like, not like sweet potato at all
  7. Roz Griffiths

    Whole30 Plank in November?

    Oh, and a December Plank Challenge? Yeah why not
  8. Roz Griffiths

    Whole30 Plank in November?

    Thanks for all your support!! Though i realised as i got into bed last night that i completely forgot - d'oh!! Mind you, my back is NOT my best friend at the moment... I'm going to put yesterday down as a rest day & try for a 270 second minimum later today, let's see November off with a bang!
  9. Roz Griffiths

    Whole30 Plank in November?

    270 seconds/4.5 minutes today *locks cats away*
  10. Roz Griffiths

    Whole30 Plank in November?

    I'm switching between positions - forearms for a bit, then on straight arms, then each side, then back again, so I'm probably not in the ideal bum-down position 100%, but i don't let my belly touch the ground until that timer goes off! Though i nearly came a cropper when my cat enthusiastically head-booped me during a side plank!
  11. Roz Griffiths

    Christmas Whole30

    No! Accidentally having a bit of sugar is NOT grounds for a restart! If you'd had a big ol' cupcake then yes, back to day 1, don't pass go etc but if you ACCIDENTALLY had a bit of sugar then no, that's not a restart.
  12. Roz Griffiths

    Christmas Whole30

    Day 3. I'm already forgetting what day I'm on which is usually a good sign! Slept like a dead badger last night, also a good sign Eaten a bit too much dried fruit this afternoon, but otherwise all good
  13. Roz Griffiths

    Whole30 Plank in November?

    4 minutes done - more red hot cat backside action for the last 2 minutes, cheers Keith
  14. Roz Griffiths

    Starting Jan. 2

    Plain tea rocks!
  15. Roz Griffiths


    Oh, the purpose of the salt is to discourage any dodgy bacteria while the good bacteria take a hold. So useful, but not 100% necessary for the process.