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Whole30 armed w/ISWF

Breanna Smith

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Day 1:

I normally don't eat breakfast. I haven't been hungry for breakfast for months, if not years. After having read most of ISWF, though, it's apparent I've got some pretty messed up metabolic things going on. So I made myself eat.

meal 1 (10:00am) -- salad w/ sauteed broccoli/carrots/cauliflower/zucchini and leftover rib meat + avocado

meal 2 (2:00pm) -- bratwurst (whole30 approved ingredients, of course), hazelnuts and apple

snack (4:30pm) -- coconut butter and kombucha (with the knowledge that i did not eat enough at meal 2 before running errands)

meal 3 (6:30pm) -- salad w/ romaine hearts, chicken breast, hazelnuts, strawberries, zucchini, and olive oil vinaigrette. berry + chicken salads are a house favorite around here!

around 10pm after getting back to the house, the boyfriend asked if i'd like some ice cream. I politely declined. Win!

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Eating when I'm not hungry begins again today. Had my first of what I believe will be at least 30 nights of whole30-cheating-food-dreams. Chocolate chip cookies this time.

pre-wo: half a brat. (the pork version, not the kid veresion). i'll eat the other half afterward.

i plan to do 15 mins hiit interval running, then 45-55 mins weight lifting. then a big ol' breakfast. cheers, folks!


meal 1 (10:15am): browned beef with zucchini, red onion, 1/2 avocado and cold brewed mint/green tea. nom nom!

My plans for exercising/eating got a little out of order when my boyfriend came home for lunch at 10 (he gets up at 5..), so I ate first then worked out about an hour later. I was a little shaky with some of my balance stuff. It may be too soon for this, but I've had serious shoulder issues for the past 18 mos or so. First it was my right, which had been around for about a year, then that finally healed, but now it's my left. It may have been aggravated by doing pullups and stuff at crossfit. I assume it's just tendonitis, but it's been bothering me for months. I have to keep my arm in front of my body line when it goes to shoulder height or above. If i tried to scratch my back or something with my left arm, it causes excrutiating pain. Anyway, I was doing shoulder presses today and they seemed less troublesome than usual. They never hurt since I keep my shoulders in front of my bodyline, but I think maybe after a few weeks this will finally heal up.

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The cravings have started! No crazy food dreams last night, but oh how I wanted to finish off the pint of coconut milk ice cream last night that's in the freezer. Weird-o belly cramps saved me, though. I didn't want to do anyyything with that going on.

I have plans to go with the bf and some friends to a Brazilian/Peruvian restaurant this morning at 10, so breakfast will have to wait. I may go running this morning.

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