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Today I'm starting the Whole30. TODAY. After a string of migraines that were trying to kill me, I am sick and tired of being wiped out by pain. I am going to do this, and if it kills me, so be it. I'm not very prepared, but breakfast will be pretty typical for me, with some added olives and almond butter, and then I'm going shopping. I am cautiously optimistic. I don't think this will solve all of my problems, but I'm hoping it will take care of a few.

Migraines: Since I stopped taking antidepressants, I've started having one every other day. NOT GOOD. It almost makes me want to start taking the SSRIs again! But I'm no longer depressed, so what the heck would that be about!

Sleep: I've been having trouble sleeping without sleep aids for about two months. My husband thinks I could have sleep apnea, and I am going to do a sleep study fairly soon to see if that's the case. It would be nice to not be zombified all the time.

On my side: I adore a salad that my local restaurant serves, and all of their ingredients are local & happy making. This will probably be a huge staple in my workday for lunch. No sweat.

My husband is really supportive, and not mad that I'm going to be shopping for groceries right after we bought a bunch of groceries that I'm not going to be eating for a while!

I'm not sure what else to say, except I've already numbered today as day one. Time to eat breakfast!

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Good for you! This definitely a good thing for you!

I too am a migraine sufferer but mine are attached to my cycle and they used to last anywhere from 3 to 5 days. Through eating whole 30 and general Paleo inbetween I have gotten them down to 6 hours. Which for me is huge. I am still tweaking things to get results. But so far it's looking positive. So there is hope.

If you are a long time sufferer do not expect changes to happen overnight - as mentioned above. So if you notice that you are not going according to the timeline don't fret too much.

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