Restart #3, Whole30 Begins Anew O_o


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Third time's the charm, right?

First time - lasted 3 days. Regrouped, restarted, lasted 7 days. Then I was at a potluck lunch sponsored by my coworkers and felt obligated (seriously!) to eat some very non-whole9 approved things ;). Took the opportunity to enjoy some other bad-bad-baddies and have now restarted again.

Day 1!

Breakfast: 2 poached eggs on a bed of baby spinach and smoked salmon (nomnomnom!)

Snack: Banana with almond butter (unsure if the banana is a no-no... still not entirely clear on why fruit is bad...)

Lunch: Bison patty with lettuce, tomato, pickles, cucumbers, and sprouts. NOM.

Dinner: Salad with chicken, no dressing.

I think fruit will be my hardest habit to kick, honestly. I eat *fairly* healthy most of the time, but am a bit of a fruit addict. And definitely like to use it as a dessert... which I know is a no-no. Sadface.

Here's to the next 29 days!

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Welcome back. Fruit is not bad, but it shouldn't be the base of a meal or snack. You should eat it with some protein and/or fat. And don't be afraid to add some dressing with healthy fat to your salad! It will keep you satisfied longer and you won't feel deprived! You can make some tasty dressings with evoo and spices-and you can mix up the vinegars you use for different flavors.

I am a cranky woman when I don't get enough fat and protein. I'm way more likely to fall off the wagon and make bad choices when I don't. You'll feel like you are eating too much food, but you really aren't! And it will level out after a little while.

Good luck! And yes, I do believe the third time will be the charm!

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Thank you Colleen! Love the boost :)

It looks like a lot of people do meal planning, which makes sense. I am going to get on the meal planning wagon!

Today my goal is to plan for the next weeks meals and make sure my refrigerator is prepared.

On today's menu:

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, chopped sliced chicken, apple with sunbutter (first time ever eating this stuff, holy god its good)

Lunch: TBD, on the go. Probably ahi (tuna) and greens

Dinner: Spinach with Steak and Portabello mushrooms

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Goshdangit! I didnt realize my balsamic vinegar had sulfites (which is a big no-no), then I ODd on Sunbutter, and have restarted again.

Day 1:

Meal 1: Eggs 'n pumpkin, strawberries

Snack: Boiled egg, avocado

Meal 2: Tuna + Spinach + raw cauliflower + olives salad. OMG yum.

Meal 3: Nofuss Salmon Cakes on a bed of julienned zucchini with SDT sauce


Day 2: 1. Eggs 'n pumpkin 'n hazelnuts, 2. Same salad as Day 1, 3. Grassfed burger on greens.

Day 3: 1. Scrambled eggs n chives, fruit 2. Grilled ahi salad 3. Meatballs and smashed cauliflower

Day 4. 1. Omelette, fruit 2. chicken wrapped in lettuce and avocado, 3. Frittatta

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