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Your favorite soup!

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I made this one the other day to use up leftover roast pork and it was yum!

2 onions

Couple of rashers of bacon (optional)

1 kg pumpkin (or butternut)

2 tbsp each of finely chopped sage, thyme and parsley

Lots of garlic

Chicken stock

Leftover protein (I used pork, chicken would work too)

Salt and pepper

Balsamic vinegar

Cut the pumpkin in chunks and roast with the garlic cloves until tender and starting to go brown.

Heat some fat, fry the chopped onions slowly for about 10 mins over med low heat until softened and golden. Add chopped bacon if using and cook until...cooked haha :)

Add everything else except seasonings, you'll have to judge how much stock to use depending on how much meat you're adding. Err on the side of less, you can always add more at the end if the soup's too thick. I used about 4 cups.

Simmer around half an hour, then puree.

Taste and season, add balsamic vinegar to taste - I usually add around 1-2 tbsp. Add more stock if too thick.

Really yummy, I've been eating it for breakfast, it makes 4-5 BIG bowls :)

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I just made an amazing soup. I think I will call it "Amazing Lemony Spinachy Chickeny Soup with Avocado"

Here's how...

about a 1/4 cup of each of the following:

red onion - diced small

red pepper - diced small

garlic 1 clove - minced

fresh ginger - about 1 " minced

diced zucchini (this was the ends left over from 2 zucchini noodles)

two large handfuls of baby spinach

all of this was sauteed in a bit of ghee and olive oil mixed

then I added a handful of previously roasted chicken breast

most of a quart of imagine chicken broth

1 small lemon- juiced

a tsp of red pepper flakes

Simmer for 10-15 minutes - ladle into a bowl and top with some diced buttery avocado. It was a wonderful M2!

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