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NEWBIE!!! Start date 03/19/2013 - NERVOUS!!!


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Hello all! I have fallen off the wagon of a healthy lifestyle and need to get back on track. I started my health journey last year, March 2012, and lost 30lbs. I plateaued and then got discouraged with personal stress but have been feeling bad! I know Whole30 is exactly what I need because I want to be more toned than ever before - and I KNOW you're body is what you put in it. I have always been a firm believer of 'it starts in the kitchen', 'it starts with food', 'you are what you consume, mind, body, and soul'. So I'm here and am glad to start!!!!

I'm so nervous tho! I have no idea what to do on certain things. I commute so I do all my prepping on Sundays for the week of lunches, snacks, and dinner. Easy recipes to switch things up on a budget would be helpful!

Good luck to all!

Lindsey J (they call me Lulu)

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Hi Lulu!

Welcome! Run out ASAP and buy Well Fed...I believe that the recipes are W30 compliant and there are shopping lists and everything! I love the hot plate portions of the book....so many options with such simple ingredients.

You won't be disappointed!

How are things going so far?



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