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Day 14, EXTREMELY tired

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Hi guys,

On Day 14 here. Today, I woke up feeling extremely exhausted. I meant to go for a run this morning but my legs felt fatigued. I've generally felt pretty good throughout W30 with some days feeling more tired than others but this is the worst I've felt since. Everything just seems to be slowing down. I took my heart rate before getting out of bed this morning and it dropped a couple of beats. I'm usually about 50 beats per minute and this morning it was around 47-48. I got into my car and drove to work and I felt like closing my eyes every time I was at a stop light. Walking seems to be a struggle and stairs are torture. My breathing also seems labored.. Like, I forget to breathe.. if that makes any sense at all.

Things that happened this weekend that may have contributed to this feeling...

1) I went for a 9 mile run on Saturday. It's the longest distance I've run in about 3 weeks. I did eat normal meals and had some sweet potato the evening after the run. I did have Pre-workout snack of compliant roast beef but did not have a Post-workout snack. I never do.

2) I snacked a lot this weekend. Had a lot of homemade beef jerky, dried fruits, and nuts.

3) My meals followed recommended template AFAIK but I think it might have been heavier on the fats.

Can someone help me figure out what could be wrong? I think I might be retaining some water from the snacking too and have been "backed up" since Thursday or Friday.

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Hi, I know by keeping a food log that any time I've snacked on nuts and especially dried fruit, I've been really tired the next day. I've also been grumpy and generally 'out of sorts' so that could be contributing to it. If you're 'backed up' that could also be part of the problem, I'd try taking magnesium at night, I swear by it now. Most people take 'Natural Calm' which seems to be the best, because I can't get it here I take magnesium citrate. Are you drinking enough water? Dehydration could contribute to both problems.

I don't think being heavy on the fats would be a problem. Personally I think that's a good thing but if it doesn't improve, you could post a food log which might help identify any problem areas. good luck

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