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Help! Looking for creative W30/Paleo educational ideas...


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I work for a scientific consulting firm and every quarter we do a 2-hour "Science Club" meeting. It's basically a chance for the employees (there are only 8 of us) to take a break from our work and learn about any science-related topic, presented by one of the staff. This quarter is my turn to host it and I thought, what better topic than Paleo/Whole30! I don't want it to be preachy... I basically just planned on outlining the very basic science behind the Paleo diet (published study data, etc.), but I also want to do something fun and interactive. Yes, we are a bunch of nerds. Oh, and Science Club usually involves food and booze... so I want to keep it light, fun and interesting.

I figured it would be a good idea to call upon my wonderful peers in this community since I am really NOT the creative type!

Any ideas??? I was definitely thinking of bringing in some kind of Paleo snack... but what else can I do?

Thank you all in advance for any ideas!

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Honestly, I think the most interesting scientific slant on this is a personally rewarding one for me..

I have lupus, and have suffered with inflammation problems for years. the exclusion of many inflammatory foods with the W30/Paleo plans I have been following have been immense, and are well documented. This would be the focus of my personal talk :)

Also, snacks are good. Always a yes to noms!

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I agree, I would focus on current theories about the inflammatory basis of disease, and cutting edge knowledge refuting the correlation between dietary sat fat and disease. I don't have any ideas for fun demos, though.

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How about: divide group into two teams. Flip a coin and the person who calls gets to choose if they are paleo, or government guidelines.

have 1 team plug the data for a typicical days paleo food into something like Fitday, or myfitness pal.

And the other team plug the data in for a typical day recommended by the government. (On fathead-movie.com in a recent post he has listed out the government guidelines for the day).

Then play a game of 'top trumps' where each team starts with the same number of tokens, then they have to compare nutrients like vitamins. E,g. How much vitamin b12 does this diet give. The losing team has to give a token to the other team.

When all the questions have been asked, the team with the most tokens wins!

you could have a prize of a bottle of kombucha!

I just thought of that, but i think it would work quite well. And only tke a little prep. (work out what a typical day is, print out the diets, plug them in yourself to check what nutrients the sites list, make some tokens, practise running it)

If you have more people, you could add in a SAD group as well.

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