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started 3/17...and craving like a FIEND.


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Oh, y'all. That sugar dragon is one powerful beastie.

I've been doing pretty well for the last few days - and I'm finding all kinds of digestive issues going by the wayside, which in this short time is pretty fantastic.

BUT (there's always one, isn't there?)

It's Friday. And I am craving sugar in all its forms. Cheese cubes and a glass of wine, a beer and fries, a piece of cake, a milkshake. If I could tackle a stack of pancakes and syrup and wash them back with mimosas? I'd be in heaven. (Well, for at least as long as it would take me to eat the meal...no doubts I'd be feeling like crud shortly thereafter.)

I know this way of eating is better for me - like I said, I'm already feeling the benefits. But I cannot imagine heading home from the office and putting a vegetable or piece of beef into my piehole.

Maybe I'm just not hungry enough yet? Anyone have advice or encouragement? (Pretty please?)

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Stay busy.... Work out...play word games...engage your mind.... And do deep breathing exercises .....

Also make sure your eating enough fat with your meals.... Fat really satiates you.

Your cravings will come and go.... Eventually they will all go away ... It gets better

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There always is that "but..."

Did it help to tattle on yourself? For many of us, it does. I fought sugar by snacking on green olives. Snacks aren't ideal, but I figured I could fight the sugar dragon by giving my body fat and the sour got me going.

Drink water and prepare your meal. Think of something you can get down - maybe a soup or a hash or something else with some smoothness. If you don't want a whole meal, follow the template and have a smaller meal with protein, fat, and veg. Hey, maybe an omelette is in your future.

Anyway, don't let yourself go hungry and stick with it. Tattle, distract yourself, occupy yourself, and feed yourself good food! You've got this!

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