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Kellie's Whole30 log


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Really wish I'd seen this when I started day one. Oh well. It's the end of day 5...I'm going to summarize the last few days to catch up (I'll list several things I've had for each meal)

BREAKFAST 2 scrambled eggs, spinach sautéed in olive or coconut oil, 1/2 avocado

Veggie scramble with asparagus,peppers, zucchini, eggs in coconut oil

LUNCH "taco" salad with seasoned organic ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes,avocado,onions

Leftover pork loin stir fried with asparagus,peppers and zucchini

Chicken breast topped with compliant salsa and avocado' 1/2 sweet potato

DINNER pork loin and 1/2 sweet potato

Leftover stir fry

Eggs , compliant sausage, 1/2 avocado

SNACKS (if needed) strawberries


Carrots and almond butter

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Also, want to note that on day five I already feel increased energy and just a sense of well being.

That's great! I'm on day 5 too, and just realized that the after meal congestion I've had for months is gone. It's great to already feel some positive differences.

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Day six...this is the plan.

BREAKFAST spinach sauteed in EVOO, 2 eggs scrambled, 1/2 avocado

cup of coffee with coconut milk

LUNCH i'll be having broiled chicken breast topped with salsa and 1/2 avocado, acorn squash roasted with coconut oil

SNACK (if needed) carrots or apple with a little almond butter

DINNER grilled chicken breast, salad made with baby cucumber, tomato, onion, balsamic vinegar and evoo, roasted asparagus

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Your dinner sounds wonderful! Now I am getting hungry!

It was DELISH and filling. I've about used up that giant bag of fresh asparagus I bought!

Day seven:

BREAKFAST: egg scramble with/zuchinni, onion, peppers, 3eggs, topped with 1/2 an avocado

LUNCH: I didn't bring my lunch today and i'm a little nervous about that... planning on a big salad topped with turkey and hard

boiled egg from Market Street.

DINNER: to be determined...

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lunch yesterday had a HUGE handful of macademia nuts... i had to keep battling the "cheat" mentality... i felt guilty all afternoon... kept telling myself, you had more nuts than you needed, but you did not fall off the whole30... you did not cheat. THAT is the reason i wont buy nuts to keep at home... just occasionally buy a small amount at the store to consume that day... they are a TRIGGER to eat MORE NUTS!


dinner didn't happen until about 9:30 last night... I probably jus should have gone to bed, but I had : chicken breast and cucumber/onion/tomato salad. it was "meh"

onto DAY EIGHT (woot woot! pretty stoked to be on day EIGHT!)

BREAKFAST; a scramble made with 3 eggs/turkey sausage/zuchinni/peppers/onions in olive oil

LUNCH: another salad out (veggies/turkey/boiled egg/avocado/ balsamic vinegar and evoo)

DINNER: taco salad ( seasoned organic ground beef/lettuce/tomato/onion/salsa)

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FIRST, some observations about yesterday.... my breakfast kept me full FOREVER [read 5+ hours!]... I went out at lunch and picked up my salad, but i got a small one and took it back to work... i just wasn't that hungry. I did finally eat it, but honestly, I probably could have gone til dinner time just fine... something to keep in mind. [either scale back that breakfast or use it on a day when that long lasting effect would be useful]

okay on to DAY NINE!!!!!!

BREAKFAST : unconventional but delish, leftover taco salad sans avocado [apparently i need to use them up faster] i'm having lunch

with a friend and didn't want the long lasting effect of YESTERDAY'S breakfast [see above :) ]

LUNCH: salad with chicken / avocado .... as this will be at a restaurant, I'll have to be very careful.

DINNER: may just switch it up and have breakfast for dinner since I had taco salad for breakfast LOL. thinking turkey sausage, eggs scrambled with spinach.

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oh. had coffee this morning with coconut milk.... this brand of coconut milk is definitely the best I've tried so far. Thai Kitchen outdoes the 354 brand from whole foods and whatever brand I bought at Wal-mart. Sadly, the Kroger near my house carries NO COMPLIANT coconut milk, so I will have to make a special trip for that...

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wow! pretty proud of myself to have made it to DAY TEN.

BREAKFAST: spinach sauteed in coconut oil... and 3 eggs scrambled in, cup of coffee with coconut milk

LUNCH: to be determined

DINNER: to be determined

eeeek. not sure how this winging it on lunch and dinner today is gonna go.... pretty sure lunch will be a salad from market street. that is just so easy for me.

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catching up days 11/12 and 13 (today is day 13! wow. seriously. normally would have given up any diet/plan/change already. this is so doable. yay. me.)

DAY 11

BREAKFAST / turkey saus/eggs/peppers/asparagus/onion coffee with coconut milk

LUNCH/ chicken breast / sweet potato / 2 apricots /carrots

DINNER / seasoned ground beef in a salad of lettuce/onion/tomato coffee with coconut milk

DAY 12

BREAKFAST / scrambled eggs and spinach sauteed in coconut oil

LUNCH (not a great lunch... sorta grab and go... too close to dinner to eat much) peach/carrots/almond butter

DINNER / little piece of chicken breast / sweet potato / cucumber,onion,tomato,balsamic vinegar salad / watermelon / canteloupe

(had too much fruit, but it's in season and it was delicious)


BREAKFAST turkey sausage/peppers/asparagus/2 eggs (all cooked in coconut oil) coffe with coconut milk

LUNCH lettuce, carrots, broccoli,turkey, balsamic vinegar, sprinkle of sunflower seeds, dried tomato, avocado

DINNER (to be determined...)

i must say that i feel amazing. seriously. and my family has had ice cream the past few nights (ugh!) and i haven't even had a spoonful. it was so tempting, but i want to get to day 30. i DO NOT WANT TO START OVER!!!!!!!

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